Friday, September 7, 2012

20 Day Challenge: Nine

12 Facts About Me:

  1. I laugh to the point of being as drunk as a squirrel. 
  2. I actually have no idea how to pronounce my own name. 
  3. I love making craft.
  4. I'm slightly OCD. I insist on things being properly arranged in my domain. 
  5. I like playing with fire. Lighting up candles then burning up sticks and leaves with it. 
  6. I listen to music according to my mood. 
  7. I love Greek, Egyptian, Roman mythologies. (Greek is still my favorite though)
  8. I taught myself to read books when I was five.  
  9. I'm not good at playing musical instruments but I just do it because I love it. 
  10. I'm bipolar. One second I'm happy and the next, melancholy or just really serious. 
  11. I stay calm in exciting situations, and go absolutely crazy during exams and boring things. My brain must be wired weirdly.
  12. I notice attractive guys, but I don't obsess over them like a crazy fan girl. 

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