Saturday, September 1, 2012

20 Day Challenge: One

20 (+1) Dreams I have:

  1. Open up my own business, selling craft. 
  2. Take courses in photography. Maybe even videography.
  3. Get my silver buffalo in Rangers.
  4. Learn as many musical instruments possible. 
  5. Change someone's life. 
  6. Live in Holland and study there. 
  7. Learn foreign languages.
  8. Dance in my pajamas in winter. 
  9. Bake a chocolate cake and decorate it. Then EAT IT ALL UP :D
  10. Sing and play the guitar beside the road. (and beg for money lol)
  11. Fall in love. And STAY in love. Lol.
  12. Write and publish books.
  13. Breathe underwater.
  14. Study intensively about Greek mythology.
  15. Have a week (month) long vacation at a beach with my friends.
  16. Get a kitten.
  17. Learn more about God.
  18. Surf in Australia (wherever there's no sharks. lol)
  19. Read people's minds. In other words, learn how to study people.
  20. Figure out who I really am. 
  21. Buy a new guitar. 
Sorry, I just had to stop at 21 because it's my favorite number :P 

Anyways, you can probably see that I don't ask for a lot of expensive things. To be honest, there's so many things I want, but are meaningless in the sense that they're just worldly goods. 

All I really want in life is to go out and experience amazing things. To do something for someone. To learn more. To fall in love with the right person, because that's something important to me.

I considered adding on things like skydiving, flying a plane and etc. But I think you already know I want to do that, so I tried something different. :) 


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