Sunday, September 2, 2012

Birthdays Gifts, Things and Wishes.

Hey there! :)

Birthday Gifts:

So anyway, I've come up with ideas for upcoming birthdays. It's going to be a 3-in-1 kinda present per person. I'm not gonna lie. I'm extremely broke so I have to be careful with what I spend my money on. Lol.

Hint: It's pretty obvious what I'm going to do, so no hints for you :P

Yeah, evil Maine. Always hiding things from people.

But wouldn't it be nicer if it was a surprise? HAHAHA.

I'm still not sure what to get for Esther. Joy and Jeans is simple, I know what they like. But Esther's like me...she likes a LOT of things.

I've recently reopened my old private blog specifically for the purpose of reminding myself and updating my brain about their birthday gifts. Hehe. Which is why I took caution to make sure Jeans, Joy and Orange will not be able to view it. :P

I don't want to ruin the element of surprise, do I? :)

Not even Megan and Cheryl knows what I'm planning to do. I'm keeping my lips sealed till their birthdays arrive :)

Unfortunately, I can't give Esther and Joanne their presents till October :( As stated above, I'm broke. So I have to save up more money first.

I'm pretty sure if they find out what I'm about to do, they'll go "What the heck Maine. You crazy?"

But that's okay.


I've been asking around about book series and books (in general). Heard there's a second hand book store somewhere in KL :D YES. Hope I can go there someday.

Chatted with a Hunger Games fan on Wattpad. She says that the first book is the best, and I kinda agree :) LOL. I have no love for the last book in the series.

In Percy Jackson, I like "The Lightning Thief" and "The Last Olympian" the most. The first and last book.

Heroes of the Olympus, I like all. HAHAHA.

Same goes for the Red Pyramid series.

Harry Potter too. All the book are such fascinating reads! <3

I read all the Lord Of The Rings books. I like the story line, but it's a hard read. A little complicated.


I wish I had a chocolate cake all to myself right now :(


Oh well.


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