Sunday, September 9, 2012

Craft, Presents, Banana Says Hi.

Hey there! :D

And as promised, some photos of umm..what I made for Esther and Joanne! :)

Craft Workplace.

The additional donuts which were too big to fit into the bottle.


Heart pendants :D Which looks slightly messed up, sorry. But I did my best. 
The worse part was braiding the strings for the umm..chain. 

I'm going to name this "Heart shaped cookie with blue and purple what do you call that? umm umm a a a eh eh icing? maybe? " or is that too long? :P LOL. JUST KIDDING. 
Okay, a "Love Cookie" then.

All wrapped up :)

I used this glass deco paint for the frosting/icing/topping.


Yeah so that's it for craft :)

Now for the update.

We were walking back to church after lunch and we saw THIS.

So of course we took a photo with it.

My hair looks...Urgghh. Yucky. But nice photo anyways.

We went to the main hall after that, and did silly stuff :P

Then we went to the second hall, where I saw this:

Just kidding :P Someone sleeping there.

Jeans looking good with a tie :)

:D Being a busybody and disturbing Cmdr Stephen. 
He was conducting a free car wash. ;)

Jeans' aviation merit. The plane is so freaking adorable :3

I just ate a chocolate cake! :D

Oh, so we practiced for the anniversary, OPPA GANGNAM STYLE :D 
I couldn't get the moves at first, because of the coordinating the steps part. 
But Andrew told me "Right, left, right right." and vise versa, so I got it after a while. 
There's a part where you have to "shake your booty" or move your leg in circles.
Awkward siao. 
So I did the latter. 

I took a LOT of videos! :D But idk if I'm allowed to post them here. 
Sam made a bet with me. If I "top raved" when the others were "gangnam styling" he's give me 50 sen. Which was my idea. HAHA. So I did. And later he made a bet, asking me to gangnam style dance with them. So I did. YAY. I won RM1. HAHAHA. 

Sat next to Jordan in fuXion. He said I was very tough (he said something else but I forgot what it was. Violent maybe?) for a girl and something about me changing my attitude and being a docile and gentle lady to attract guys. What the heck bro. I won't change myself for someone else. I ain't gonna bend to the rules of attraction.

I punched him a few times after that. HAHAHA. I'm violent sorry. They passed around some biscuits with chocolate/peanut butter spread and Meg said " no yum yum." when she tried the biscuit with peanut butter/chocolate spread. I said "Yum yum no." Jordan said it was YUM YUM YUM. HAHAHA. He lies. Ate a lot of the biscuits :)

We introduced ourselves and all, during the discussion and honestly, it was pretty hilarious. One guy was really good at speaking Korean. LIKELIKE. Not him, his ability . LOL.

Going to watch The Big Bang Theory now :) 


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