Friday, September 7, 2012

Dreams and a haul.

Hey there! :D

KH paper is finally over. I didn't even study. LOL. But one less thing to dread. Hehe. Sp YAY.

So I went to Tesco last night. And I know what you're thinking, what interesting things can you find in Tesco? And why are you BLOGGING about it? My answer is : plenty. And again, because I can. HAHAHA.

I bought a bunch of things that will probably make no sense to you, but makes sense to me. Kinda. O_o.

Everyone's calling it a haul, so umm, okay. A haul it is.

The thing they use to squeeze whipped cream out? Yeah this one. 
I've been dying to have one for years. It's so fun to squeeze :D

Cookie cutters. Even though I don't have any (real) cookies. 

A new paint palette. 

PVA (white) glue.

Sprinkles that are actually edible, but since I can't find fake ones...I have to use these. 

More food coloring. Yellow and Orange.

From left: Green, Red, Orange, Yellow :)
Can't find blue :( I really wanted that color. 
The first two were the ones I mentioned buying in 99. 

Ehem. Anyways, I went to the church area this afternoon after school with Dad to buy lunch. 
Wanted to go to the stationery shop to see if they sell poster colors separately or any acrylic paint. 
The second I came in, the guy talked me into buying this:

Buncho 18 color paint instead of my usual 12. 
He lowered the price too O_O. 
I can't help buying things from nice people. I guess I just feel guilty about walking in the shop and leaving without anything after the assistance they give me.
I was so overwhelmed and confused, I said "Okay, sure." 
and handed him RM20. LOL. What the heck brain -.-
He even gave me free palettes. 

Because he said no one buys them, so he has to give them away when he sells other things. Aww :( 
I would have bought it from there if I knew they sold them. 

Also bought more eye pins.

From Evergreen. 

Dad and I had the usual debate about the speed we walk. 
There were two restaurants each at the opposite ends, we were walking from one to the other and I was staring at shops and cars. Suddenly noticed that Dad had already reached the other restaurant. Skipped up to him, looking very weird and childish and he asked me: Why do you walk so slow? Laughing at me. Psshh. :P I said: Because I'm not a descendant of Flash. HAHAHA. 

Parents asked me last night if I'm serious about starting a craft business. (which I'm pretty sure wouldn't work out so well, HAHAHA.) I really am, because if I had to choose who I want to be in life, I would want to be a:
  • Craft maker. 
  • Photographer. 
  • Writer.
  • Baker.
But I can't bake to save my life. HAHAHA. I still love baking though. I always pass by bakeries and stare at the food, not wishing to eat them but to MAKE them. :P
Craft making? Well, Youtube influenced me greatly, but the main reason is I've always love making things. String things, clay, bottles. Everything I've loved since I was a child. 

I've always loved cameras. Not standing in the spotlight, but behind the camera, taking photos that will be preserved as memories for the rest of my life. 
Writing? I've read books like Tom Sawyer, 80 Days Around The World and etc since I was five. Reading and writing (nonsense usually. HAHA) has been a huge part of my life for years :) So it makes sense that I want to be a writer. 


Now THIS is random. Okay. Sorry :

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