Sunday, September 23, 2012

Everything changes.

Hey there!


I'm working on birthday presents for my friends born in October.A little early, maybe?
But I want to do it earlier so I can fix things if anything goes wrong. And umm..about the tie-strangling thing, don't take me seriously because I really don't intend on killing anyone yet.  So yeah :) Please don't land me in jail. HAHAHA.

The truth is, I wanted a tie because for YEARS I had absolutely no idea how to tie a tie, and it was pretty embarrassing. So I bought one to learn how to tie a tie, and not feel like a complete failure. And btw, I managed to learn how to tie a tie in 20 seconds! :D Isn't that great? Thank you, Youtube. I love you.

Just came home from Tesco. Bought some paper and pens. And some sort of special premium paper :)

I've got to work on something now.


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