Sunday, September 2, 2012

Maine: Update :)

Hey there (:

So I've figured out what to get for Esther, Joanne and Aijean! :D I think.


And the good news is, it won't make me even more broke than I am now. I might actually have a dollar or two left! :) Hehe.

Going to church soon so I have to be quick.

But the bad news is, I still can't give Esther and Joanne their presents till October. Because I STILL have to save up money. Lol.

Anyway, I'm asking Dad to make me a Camp Half Blood shirt ! :D :D

The design looks something like that.

It's actually a really simple shirt, but I want it :3 

And if you read the Percy Jackson series, you'll know that the camp shirt is orange :)

And this one is just the Big Bang Theory shirt with Sheldon Cooper's favorite word. 

I would show you more, but neiinnn. 

Too lazy to look it up. 



Will be going to church soon :)

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