Saturday, September 15, 2012

My Day was fine :)

Hey there! :)

So I just came home from church, tuition, Puchong and the pasar malam.

I woke up early this morning, and went to church to help Cmdr Molly with the noticeboard. I saw Daniel, Jia Min, Fabian and Samuel removing everything from the noticeboard. So I went over to help. We didn't actually do much for the next half an hour. Sam or Fab brought a bb gun, so we bullied Daniel by threatening to shoot him with the guns (bb and stapler. HAHAHA). I peeked in the multipurpose room where Joanna was having her GMA interview with Cmdr Eddy and Thomas. I bet Cmdr Kwang Yew was lazying around and having the time of his life watching her suffer   chit chatting :)

She came out after a while. I said hi to the commanders and asked her how it went. She said the commanders were freaking awesome, and I agree. HAHAHA. They're really easy to talk to, so no stress. Hehe. Daniel shot her with the bb gun because she wouldn't take a photo in her uniform for him. So we attacked him, and shot him 6 or 7 times. Hehe. In front of the GMA interviewers and my dad. LOL. Bad example I am.

We spent most of the time putting on a new background and discussing how to arrange everything. But it isn't complete yet :( So we put brown paper on it to cover it until we finish decorating it :) I wrote "Renovation In Progress" on the paper. Sam wanted to write "In" (To prove his handwriting is bad)but his mum was like "Eikk! NO. " and something about his horrible handwriting. HAHAHA. Everyone that passed by said the backdrop was really nice, so I guess it's really nice. LOL.

The "Y" from the Royal Rangers Emblem that Cmdr Molly made, fell off. Cmdr Kwang Yew took it and put it on my hand and said "Don't ask 'Y'". So punny. So I said "But 'y' not?" and kept waving my hand around Fabian's face to annoy him. Hehe.

Sze Yie came after a while. Went to eat lunch with Joanna, Daniel and Sze Yie. Joanna and I apparently have the same taste in food. HAHA. Read the 2 different versions of Oppa Rangers Style lyrics that Matthew and Cmdr Kwang Yew wrote. Matthew's one had "underwear" in it. But it was pretty funny. One part said "killing rabbits" and Sze Yie and I were asking Daniel "Why do you want to kill the little bunnies?" Hahaha.

Daniel took me to tuition after we lepak-ed for a while. Tuition was okay, did the revision. I got up 6 times to open the door for other people. LOL. Teacher asked me to do it the first time, but the other times, I just got up and ran to the door when the bell rang before the teacher could say anything :P. I was on my calculator with a "Banana". At least that's what the calculator said.

I've been wearing the same french braid all day. O_O. 

Esther being weird. HAHAHA.

My blog banner :) 

Scribbling on the board in tuition last Wednesday. Haha.

The ever famous photobomber. HAHA.

This bag is my precious <3

Got sidetracked. HAHA. 
Came home and Dad forgot to take some envelopes he left in Puchong, so I went along with him to get it. 
Took my wooden board and made the FuXion string thing (I mean TRIED to make) but got dizzy, so I stopped. 

Dad says since Monday's a holiday, we're going to The Curve and Ikea :D 

When we came back, I expected a nice long rest on the sofa. But mum said she wanted to go to Tesco (she lied) and wanted me to accompany her. So I went. It was a trap -__- We ended up at the Pasar Not-really Malam on the outskirts of Andalas and Klang Jaya. And I went a little crazy, looking at the things and saying "So pretty! So nice!" Shopaholic me :( I bought two string necklaces and a pair of earrings at one stall. Then I saw a stall that was selling fedoras, combs, wallets ..etc for RM8. I've wanted fedoras for a long time to cover up my fluffy hair :O When I went to Subang Parade, the fedoras were RM40-50 -__- So YAY. Bonus! I bought a fedora! :D FINALLY. 

Mum's cooking dinner now. But I'm sweaty and tired, so she doesn't let me in the kitchen -_-
Church tomorrow. Yay!
Till next time :)

P.S. I need to stop buying earrings O_o. I have approximately 75 pairs already. And I'm buying this:
彩虹蝴蝶耳环 wm89

and this:

No more online buying for me until October .
I say it but I don't really mean it :(

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