Friday, September 21, 2012

New Craft :) and update.

Hey there! :)

Boys Like Girls are releasing their new album this year! :D I love their songs :) Now that was random. HAHAHA. But seriously, lovez them.

Me likes this.

PMR is in 19? 18? days. I can't wait for it to be OVER. HAHA.

I haven't been posting any craft here lately, and that's just really...sad. So here's some for you to see! :D

This one's a shocker. Wait for it........

I collected my blood, and kept it in the bottle to harvest and drink.
No la, I was messing around with glue and food coloring, and voila! BLOOD. 

And I might have gone a little crazy with a toothpick. 
My family thinks I'm sadistic now.

And my life wouldn't be complete without these string-things (did I come up with a name for this and forget? O_o) 

BananaMaine<3 Hehe. 

This was kinda an accident. Had scrap clay so I thought I'd turn it into something nice.
It's pretty thin though. Meh.

I love making cookies. Hahaha. 
As you can probably tell :P 

Something to think about: 

Have you ever felt like you have to let things go? 

I don't mean by giving away a soft toy that you've loved for 10 years. 

Sometimes, I feel as though I hold on to things for too long. My feelings, belongings..(well, you get my point)
Certain things are just too hard to let go of. Know what I mean?
When I hold a grudge against someone, it makes me angry and I know that I have to let it go or I'll go insane (not that I ain't crazy already. HAHA) with anger. So I let go. 
When I like someone, no matter how hard I try to stop liking him, I can't. Even though it hurts to like someone who won't ever like me back. 
I wish I had a delete button in my life. 
To erase all those embarrassing memories I still have nightmares about, my feelings, and well, things that make my life shitty. 

But what I think is, don't we ever think that those memories of us (well ME) getting drunk at weddings, hugging strangers and crying because of a stubbed toe makes us who we are today?

Umm. I don't mean make you a crybaby or drunkard. I mean ahh.. make you sensitive to other people's needs, and teaching you that people do stupid things when they drink alcohol and hugging strangers is a bad thing because they think you belong in a mental hospital<- This kind of lesson. 

It's crazy I know. But that's just how life works. 

You fall in love, you break up, you get hurt, cry. scream, (do whatever it is that broken hearted girls do cause I haven't actually gotten my heart broken before). But that's life.  
You learn to appreciate the good things in life by experiencing the bad stuff. 
What would life be like if we took everything we had for granted? 

No one dictates how you live your life, you get to decide which choices you make, and whatever happens (or doesn't) is up to you. Don't blame the bad choices you make on God or your friends( unless they're the ones you made you do it), because hey, it's your life. It's just choice.

Life is an adventure. Experience it.
Life is a lesson. Learn it.
Life is a road. Travel it.
And I could go on and on about it if I wasn't dying to eat some chocolate now.
I think you get the point.

And I'm sorry I keep babbling on and on about nonsense but hey, I decided to do it, so I did. HAHAHA.

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