Monday, September 17, 2012

Not a bad day at all.

Hey there! :)

Church was fun yesterday :)

I went to church later than usual, saw Megan and Sze Yie hanging around at the staircase. I walked up to them and asked "What are you waiting for?" Sze Yie said "Waiting for you la!" LOL. I was so blur -.- Sze Yie showed me a present for Daniel. Yeah, so we went upstairs, the ushers greeted us and for the first time, we were there in time for the praise and worship :O Nah, I lied. It was almost ending. HAHA. Then we sat down, and they played a pretty interesting video about umm..I forgot. But Jordan said it was a bedtime story, and Meg fell asleep so I guess he was right. Sze Yie passed the present to Jordan who passed it to Daniel.

We hung around for a while after that, for the seaweed.
Me: Wanna go or eat seaweed?
Meg: Eat seaweed. Em yum yum.
Me: Hehe. Okay.


Didn't see the others in the foyer, so I thought they were still having a meeting or something. HAHA. So we went straight to the restaurant. Ate up all the food real quick, and went to the foyer. Didn't have anything to do there so we went to the Bah Kut Teh restaurant to find Daniel and Andrew to kacau them. Daniel and Andrew thought that I was the one who gave the present to Daniel, because of my handwriting. Bleugh. Innocent. I ate the mushrooms and lady's fingers which was yummy :3 And drank another cup of Chinese tea. We were talking about having practice later, unofficially. We all wanted to have practice, so we had practice. Hehe.

Jeans, Esther and Cheryl came later to find us, so we went to the..second hall? Yeah, second hall to practice. Practice was a little shaky at first, but then it got better and kinda funny. HAHA. Andrew has some videos :D We went a little crazy, and just danced randomly at the parts where we didn't know the moves. I laughed so hard, I had to sit down because I couldn't breathe.

Oh yeah, I made another fuXion thing, cause I didn't like the X in the first.

Daniel had to unwrap all these layers of wrappings :D 
They still suspected me of being the gift-giver until he unwrapped the last layer. HAHA.

Go Sze Yie! 


Hilarious man. 

Hope next week's practice will be as fun as yesterday :D

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