Saturday, September 29, 2012

OGS Practice and 20 Day Challenge:Eleven.

Hey there :)

So I've been pretty busy with practice lately, so I didn't have much time to blog. I forgot bout the 20 Day Challenge too. HAHA.   So yesterday, I went to church for the OGS video shoot. Went with Daniel to fetch Sze Yie, then we went to his friend's boutique to pinjam some clothes. Some dresses were too 'flashy' and really not my.........type. Some were nice but too short, cannot jump -___- His friend gave me 2 dresses to try, one mustard yellow one and one floral one with a orangey skirt. I liked the floral one, so comfy and prettay :3 So I just chose that.  The funny part was showing it to the guys waiting outside and asking them if it was "appropriate". I didn't have a problem with that :P No shame. HAHA.Sze Yie couldn't choose any, so I just chilled and walked around the store till Meg, Joanna, Cmdr Kwang Yew and the rest came. After they came, it was CHAOTIC. Megan yelling for me, saying " I LOOK FAT." in one dressing room, and Joanna saying "MAINE. COME HERE. It's too tight/short/I look fat." HAHAHA. And they didn't want to come out of the dressing room because a whole bunch of guys were outside. I think someone, Matthew or Cmdr Kwang Yew was saying "Why so shy la. Just come out." But they were just...NEIN.

Yeah so after an HOUR AND A HALF, we finally finished choosing the dresses/shirt/skirt. Meg changed her mind on the way out and picked a blue one that was much NICER than the red/black one.Then we went to the second hall, and lepak there for another 30 minutes. HAHAHA. DON'T ASK. I don't know why, but we just like to lepak. Not my fault kay. Haha. Then we girls went to change. John Joel told me I looked like Samantha and I was like "what the heck O_o HAHA. Thanks man." Then came the dancing part. It was a slightly different routine, quite easy but we kept messing up by mis-stepping or smiling/laughing too much.

Our original position. Just in case you want to know, the round circle is a disco ball. HAHAHA. They moved it to the front later though :( Larry asked Sze Yie to change places with Joanna because we danced in the same tempo. 

They must have took 25 shoots. So tired (not really) and hungry by then. HAHA. Larry took a last one, a close up, every four beats we had to say "Oppa Rangers Style." It was still fun lo. 

Went to eat after that and then bed sweet bed. I had insomnia -__- Even after spending the whole day out. I didn't sleep till 4am. So yeah la, didn't go to school. Bleugh. Woke up at 12pm today. Was supposed to be at church at 3pm, but delay delay delay until it was 4pm. HAHA. 

I forgot to bring a towel and extra clothes -__- Had to borrow from Meg. Got SPRAYED with soap foam :D from the car wash. It was actually pretty fun. Wore sunglasses (clip ons. HAHAHA) to cover the eyes from the foam. John Joel was the test subject, he got completely soaked with foam. HAHA. First part, we got torn newspapers thrown at our face. Imagine all the other guys on one side giggling happily (LOL Yes really. sort of) and throwing the newspapers at us. It was a good first shot but Matthew's hand was in it so NEIN. Did it again. Meg and I kept complaining about Daniel putting his arms around us. Bleugh bleugh. I don't like physical contact -__- Except from a certain someone. HAHA  

The car wash guys donated their newspapers to us :) Thank god the second shot worked out fine. Daniel did a solo one where he had to open his mouth and eat foam, and make so many movements he looked like he was dancing.The foam part, we got a little stiff when the foam hit our face, but biasa la. It's not everyday your face/body/clothes get covered with foam.

Then Daniel did a scene with the guys from the car wash. HAHA. So funny, they were smiling like crazy :) I bet we made their jobs a lot more interesting.

And it was a wrap. Oh yeah, they did a scene earlier at one of the alleys.

And I dropped my phone in the drain :( It FLEW OUT of my jeans pocket (which I wasn't wearing at that time) and JUMPED into the drain. I have a curse with phones I tell you -__- Couldn't find it at first, but after we left to go to the swimming pool, the car wash guys actually went and dug it out for me :O Thank you so much :') Sniff sniff.

Went to eat at Pizza Hut after that. Yum yum :3 FOOD. I love you so so much. 

I went to Tesco with mah family after that. I ate already, so I went to some shops, to get some stuff. 

And here I am :)

and because I don't want to be a complete failure at challenges..

10 People I can't live without:
  1. God (does he count? O_o Because technically he's God, but he's also man...Okay, I fail.)
  2. Parents.
  3. Bros.
  4. Friends from mental hospital (Jeans, Meg, Esther, Joy, Cheryl, Pris, you know who you are :P)
  5. School friends (even the ones who force me to sing during free periods -__-)
  6. My cat. (Don't judge her, she IS a person..deep deep down inside that furry body.)
  7. Awesomely random nice people who make my life a lot more fun :)
  8. people from Psych. HAHA. 
  9. Ryan Higa, I guess? HAHAHA.

Wrapped up (sort of) Jeans' present this afternoon before I left the house :) 

Have to go do something else now. HAHA. Byez.

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