Saturday, September 29, 2012

Oppa Gangnam Style: Final Shot.

Hey guys! :)

Just came back from the video shoot today! Finished filming the last scene! :D YES. FINALLY.

Came home from tuition (didn't have lunch -__- again) instead of going straight to church because I was pretty sure they weren't there. Went to fetch Jeans, but when we got to church, there was NO ONE there. HAHAHA. Borrowed Pastor Mike's phone to call Daniel, and they said they were at Trinity Transport(s?) filming a scene. So we just waited, and chit-chatted. Cheryl suddenly appeared, so she joined us :D

Matthew came, and we squeezed in his car, and started talking about "Gotcha!" calls from Matthew said something about fly fm doing the same thing, only they piss you off, and all. I don't like that one -__- Prank calls are fine, but provoking people? Hewwll no. Shakes head. As Long As You Love Me-JB came on, and Jeans and I started singing "Clenching My Booty." Hilarious man, kept laughing. HAHA.

So we got there and all the usual guys (too lazy to mention) were there, just chilling. Meg came in K.Dan's car later. The guys were filming a scene which we weren't in so we just walked around, did nonsense like climbing trees and took photos.

Cheryl tying her hair.

Meg laughing.

Jeans helping Cheryl photobomb the photo. HAHAHA. I understand her photobombing, but TEACHING others to photobomb my photos? :O Now that's just mean :(


Photo taken by John Joel :) 
Us cool girls :D

Being weird. as usual. HAHA.

All the guys acting cool.

Didn't realize she was talking a photo :P

Cheryl! :D

Monkey girl. HAHA.

Being silly and childish. LOL. Photo taken by: Jeans :D

Waddle waddle waddle.


Beloved Peanut climbing trees.

Jeans hugging the beloved tree. 

I thought this was interesting. HAHA.

Can seez my tattoo. HAHA. Nice shot :D

Random shot.

Chilling on the bench.

The guys. HAHA.

Jeans and Cheryl did a scene with Daniel where they had to walk backwards. It was pretty funny. HAHA. 
Then we did a "group" dance. Jaron, Matthew, Daniel, Meg, Cheryl, Jeans and I. 
Watched them shoot the yoga part, so funny to watch Daniel gaping at Matthew's butt. LOL. And the guys were hilarious!

We went to Bayu Villa after that to shoot the pool scene. Jeans sat in Cmdr Kwang Yew's baby seat at the back, and Wei Loong was saying she had a baby's butt or something. EWW. HAHA. So we just chilled. 

Jeans in the baby seat ! :D

Smile :)
I got my jeans wet by dipping my feet in the pool :( 
But YOLO  It can dry :)

Daniel! :P

Daniel took this shot for us from the pool. 
Everyone was joking about first my phone committing suicide, then my camera. -__-

Jeans was walking around, listening to music. HAHA.


I think I'm starting to look the same in every photo :O Dayumn. 
At least you can barely (I hope) see my panau now. 

My package came last Monday! :D


Oh yeah, so I sat next to Cmdr Kwang Yew, and took videos :D

I'm not allowed to post them till after the anniversary though. Bleugh :P 

Oh well. 

Came home and here I am! :D

20 Day Challenge coming up soon :)

Btw, I have a new craft project coming up soon, but I can't show it to you yet. LOL.

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