Sunday, September 9, 2012

Quick Update ;)

Hey guys, here's a quick update.

I didn't go online yesterday because the moment I came back from tuition, I had my lunch (very late. HAHA) and got to work, making Esther's and Joanne's birthday presents which was a VERY last minute idea. Couldn't sit still in tuition because I was itching to go home and get started on it.

PHOTOS will be coming up later! :D YAY. No?

Here's a hint: Donuts. Teehee.

I slept at 4am last night. Waiting for the clay and paint to dry, then searching for this and that, cleaning up the tools and table and finally wrapping up the presents. I love wrapping up presents! :D Although I'm not really good at it. Teehee. But I love love love wrapping.

Wearing my Rangers uniform now and feeling SEXY AND FREE. Okay, what's wrong with me this morning? -.-

Oh yeah, I also wrote a letter to each of them because that's kinda been a trademark since last Christmas.

Esther's birthday was YESTERDAY, so you can see how LATE I am. HAHAHA. And Joanne's birthday is on Wednesday, so I'm too EARLY-___- WHY MAINE WHY are you so slow and fast? LOL.

Wait, Wednesday is 12 September, right? :O My mathematics SUCK and I should feel bad -_-.
Oh I think it is. Let's just assume it is alright? HAHA.

Maybe I should start pre-planning presents from now on. I already know what to get for Aijean on HER birthday (or so I think I do). I won't be around for Cheryl's birthday, so I'll just buy her something extra from Holland :)

I should go now. Maybe.


Bye :)

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