Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Royal Rangers: News.

Hey there! :)

So I don't have much time for blogging now. I'm learning Pachelbel's Canon In D (finally) and reading up on Science as well.

Have you heard about the Royal Rangers Selangor 1# free anniversary dinner ticket promotion on Facebook?

This is on the official Facebook page! :D
Grace Klang Royal Rangers 30th Anniversary is here. 
So here's how you could win yourself a pair exclusive tickets to party with us! If you don't know what's happening, click here - (http://www.facebook.com/events/276686862436988/ )


Very simple! Use a marker pen and write the words "Grace Klang Royal Rangers 30th Anniversary" on a white drawing block.

Then take a picture of yourself with it and post it on your FB wall and then tag "Royal Rangers Selangor One Outpost (Grace Klang)". After that, share the link here in the comments section.

Royal Rangers Selangor One Outpost (Grace Klang) will reward the ones with interesting pictures/most likes with tickets/merchandize/gifts to party with us!

Have fun! =D

If you want to purchase the tickets,do stop by our ticketing counter,office or call
Commander Andrew Robert 019 3982583
Commander David S.A 016 6521653

Either way, see you at the party!

Yeah, so if you have no money, or if you want to try and get a free ticket, merchandises and gifts, go right ahead and do it! :D 

I'll be doing it as soon as I have the patience to draw on a mustache or paint my face like a rainbow :P 

Here's what my paper looks like. 

Make it as interesting as possible :) 

I think this will be on for a week or more. 

So you know what Nike says, JUST DO IT.


  1. ugh perks of not having facebook.:( i wanna join HAHAHHAHA.

    1. Aiyah, how about you post in on your blog, then I link it in the comments for you? :)

    btw, your misai so cute HAHAHA.

    1. Aiyah can la. It's still your photo mah. HAHAHA. Thanks! :D

  3. HAHHAHHA maybe not la, if its still going on this weekend ill give it a try. if not, ill just buy the ticket. *money cries* HAHHAA


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