Monday, September 3, 2012

Ryan Higa Event :) and etc.

Hey there :)

So I went to church yesterday. Dropped by Sunday School for a while, then went to FuXion with Meg. Walked there with Caryn too. We were late (as always) so some guys had to get out some chairs for us. Hehe. They were showing a video about construction (which I found out later, the workers were making a foundation). Meg and I were a little bit drunk and crazy, so we kept laughing for no reason and giggling when we looked at Andrew and Daniel. LOL.

Well, so once fuXion service ended, we met up with the others. I had to find Dad to ask him for money, so I did. Didn't help sell the anniversary tickets :( Had to eat early. Aijean and Grace went to the restaurant first. I went to another restaurant to pass money to the lady there, with Meg. Saw Esther eating lunch with the guys. Walked to the restaurant where we usually have our lunch. Yeah so, when I was still eating my lunch, Esther and the guys came. Darren apparently dared Aaron to ask me why there were white spots on my face. And he did. I was annoyed because I knew he was asking on purpose just to piss me off. So I picked up my cup of tea, just to scare him initially. Then when I saw him standing there and just waiting for me to answer, as if daring me to do it, I thought "well, why the hell not?" and threw it on him. BEST DECISION EVER. He looked shocked and later they were talking about how to explain it to his mother. I felt a little bit smug, to be honest. Ordered another cup of Chinese tea. Couldn't eat after that, because I was too happy. HAHAHA.

Yeah, so we went back to the foyer. Jeans' dad came and fetched us to the Ryan Higa show. When we got there, I was pretty chill. I won't lie. LOL. Jeans was really excited, screaming randomly and all. I was excited, but I don't really show much expression when I am. Especially over big things. I'm just like:


Outwardly. Even if I'm really excited. I think I trained myself not to feel emotions too well -__-

I can't help it though. I've been doing it my whole life. HAHAHA. Played this card game where you had to guess who has the joker card, and no one could figure out when it's me because I have a blank face on all the time. HAHA.

So we lined up, I was counting the number of people in front of me. Then Jeans asked me to line up at the MNG counter for her, so I did. Pretty blur though. Not sure what was going on. Then Jeans came and bought the last ticket. I was looking the counter guy when she screamed. NO EXPRESSION at all. He's probably used to crazy excited fans. HAHAHA.

Darren Ashley performed some songs, and I thought "Dang. This guy is good." He even sang a love song to Ryan and I laughed really hard at Ryan's face. LOL. What kind of fan am I -__- He looked so bashful. HAHAHA. He tried durian, and smiled. but anyone could see he didn't like it. Unlike Pastor Daniel Ross. LOL.

Yeah, so it went on, Jin interviewed him asking questions and it was really interesting and funny, the way he replied. Some fans asked questions and got a hug too. :D

When it was over, Jeans stayed for the MNG, so I went with Grace to McDs and Ikano. At McDs we just ate and ate. I finished 6 nuggets in one shot. I was THAT hungry. Ate criss cut fries and normal fries too :) I love food <3

We actually went back to give Jeans' some fries. But she already went inside, so nein :( (Soggy fries alert). Walked to Ikano to window shop (in my case, actually shop. HAHAHA). We went through Ikea. SO CROWDED.I wanted to find Living Cabin. But guess what? It wasn't on the directory -__- And I wondered if I actually DREAMED about going to Living Cabin in Ikano. Then I said, never mind. Let's just go upstairs. So we went up the escalator and saw Living Cabin RIGHT UPSTAIRS. The heck directory? YOU LIED. I went in, bought some stuff. Spent RM22 I think.

We went to the next level to go to the pet store. So cute and fluffy the dogs and cats! :3 We talked about squashed face cats and all. Stayed there a while longer then we left. I dragged Grace to the Fenji craft store which was my beloved store <3 to buy clay.

The lady there was really nice. She told me about the craft classes which I really wanted to go for :( But I haz no money. Urgh. I bought 6 in 1 colored clay. The lady said to make sure I keep it in an airtight container. And some heart shaped cookie cutters (but for clay. LOL) because I can't find it anywhere in Klang.

We walked back and saw this Kids Fun Land or something. I forgot the name. We wanted to go in, but it looked like it was for little kids :( Saw Aijean's dad about to enter the lift, so I ran inside and said "Hi uncle." He asked if we were going up, so we said yeah. Then he said "Oh, okay." and went to wait in his car.

We went up and waited for Jeans to come out. Saw people peeking in the door, so we did that. The security guy had to shoo us away. Nicely. HAHAHA. Then the host came and open the doors, and I was like Hallelujah! Then he closed the doors again after a while -___- Okay. Grace said I was more excited about buying craft things than meeting Ryan Higa. I guess she's right. I'm happier over little things than I am about big events. Hehehe.

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