Friday, September 7, 2012

Tag:11 Questions about Me.

Hey there!

Another tag. Hehe. Sorry. Check out the post before this if you don't wanna read this one :P

1. If you'd have a choice, what would you like to name yourself?
-Maine Teo Wern Lyn. No Char. :P

2. What is your nationality?
-I'm Chinese, but I live in Malaysia. 

3. Do you have a particular colour that you reach out for more than your favorite color?
-Umm. I wear black, white, gray when I actually like all colors. If that's the question. HAHAHA. 

4. Do you interlace your shoe laces or lace them across?
-Interlace. HAHAHA. I prefer that one :)

5. Do you prefer to be a poor, happy kid or a rich, lonely kid?
-I rather be a middle class average kid? :P

6. If you have the choice, what color would you like to dye your hair?
-OMG OMG. Umm umm. A mixture of light brown, normal brown and red! :D If that's possible. 

7. If you were stuck on an island, what 3 things you'd bring with you?

-Sunblock lotion, a bag of craft stuff and thick blankets. 

8. Do you prefer tote bags, sling bags or backpacks?
-Umm Tote bags. Sling bags hurt my shoulder after a long time, but I still like them :) I love backpacks but not for everyday use.

9. Do you have a favourite brand for jewelry/accessories?
-LOL No. I just buy whatever I find nice :P

10. Do you have a habit that people found to be irritating?
-I laugh. A lot. Even when nothing funny is happening. Some people claim I escaped from a mental hospital. HAHAHA. 

And that's it! :D


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