Saturday, September 1, 2012

Tag:20 Day Challenge :)

Hey there! :) 

So I found this 20 day challenge in Jeans' blog and thought, damn. I HAVE to do this one. It is just too interesting not to do. 


  1. 20 dreams you have.
  2. 19 quotes you love.
  3. 18 names you like
  4. 17 words you like.
  5. 16 things you do when you are alone.
  6. 15 things you like to do.
  7. 14 books you have read - would like to read - both.
  8. 13 songs you can’t stop listening to
  9. 12 facts about you.
  10. 11 things of your room
  11. 10 persons you can’t live without
  12. 9  videos you like
  13. 8 favorite foods.
  14. 7 persons/artists/both you dislike
  15. 6 things you can’t live without
  16. 5 Pictures of you when you were little
  17. 4 places you want to go to.
  18. 3 letters to 3 different people
  19. 2 languages you wish you know / want to learn.
  20. 1 phrase that describes you.

And yes, I know. I haven't finished my letter challenge yet (after all this time -_-) and I promise I will do that someday. Just not now :P HAHA. I get emotional writing letters to people. Sorry, I don't want it to take a toll on my mental health. Hehe. 

Sides, this is so interesting, how can I not do it? Teehee. 

I'm irresponsible, sorry. 

Cmdr Reuben's wedding was fun. Pretty hilarious at some points. There was this guy singing oldies on stage and he kept ...umm...dancing. weirdly. Laughed like crazy. So mushy the songs and all. 

There's also some exciting (well to ME) news that I want to share with you guys :) Soon. Very soon.

The posts about this tag will be coming soon :D

And yes, it will be probably as infrequent as my letter challenge. HAHA.

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