Saturday, September 22, 2012

Update: Teehee.

Hey there! :)

I just slept for four or fives hours on the couch, and let me tell you it was so nice I could have slept forever.
But then I got hungry and woke up to cook some bihun which I'm eating now. HAHA.

Tuition was okay. Sat at the back with Esther and talked nonsense, studied, the usual.
Had to wait for an hour and a half after that at a car repair garage because the fender of our precious car came off.

Came home, and dropped dead on the couch. I didn't eat any breakfast and lunch today :( Till now.

Went to Jusco yesterday with Mum. She wanted to get a haircut so I went to Daiso and bought 4 packets of clay and a pocketbook thing to keep all the business cards I get in it. Then I went into Hinode which might have been a mistake because I didn't really want to buy anything there, but when I thought of leaving, the people there looked so sad like they had no customers, I decided to just grab the first thing I could think of (which was a tie.) because I remembered that we were allowed to use ties for our Rangers uniform. Dug out a nice black one and paid for it. I can probably threaten to strangle people with it when they annoy me so it's also a very useful murder weapon. HAHAHA. JUST KIDDING.

I'm not THAT sadistic.


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