Wednesday, September 26, 2012

What A Nightmare.

Hey there! :)

I had a series of dreams last night, that freaked me out to the point I didn't sleep at all last night. So yeah, I didn't go to school. About 4 of the dreams I had, was of me dying in different ways. Getting shot, cancer, suicide and falling from a high cliff. Is this a sign that I'm going to die soon? Sure hope so.   The others were just weird. I saw my life flashing past, from when I was a kid to the day I died. I saw my own funeral and coffin O_o. Creepy shitz bro. I want to get cremated, but my parents want to bury me -___- Bleugh. Can't even have my own way when I'm dead.

So anyways, I have completed my project :D But I can't show you yet, because it's still a secret. I originally planned to make just 8, but went crazy and made 20 instead. Make WHAT? Make clay stuff la. HAHA. I've run out of one jar of clay. Miracle :O The sad part is, I screwed up some of the pieces and now they're just...blah -__-.

My package is here! :D Was beginning to think it will NEVER arrive, but it did. I'l post photos of it when I have the cable.

you HAVE to check out this website: Worthie Note

Cute stuff.

Till next time :)

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