Thursday, September 6, 2012

Yeah, life goes on.

Hey there! :)

So, school was hectic today. Well, for me. Hahaha. English focus test and geography as well. I'm already certain I'll get a D for Geo. I just really REALLY suck at it. -__- Stupid subject. English? Probably not going to be my best. But I don't really care because it's not an important test :P Some of my friends came up to me, asking me to explain this and that. What is this word in English? How do you write a speech? and etc. But I didn't mind. I like helping people. The only thing that drove me crazy is when I'm talking to one person, someone else will be calling me at the other end of the room and some "friends" of mine would be rummaging through my bag, asking me questions that one should never. EVER. ask another in public -__- BOYS.

I saw Ryan taking his exam in a classroom during recess. Didn't say Hi because the teacher was watching. Hehe. Afif was saying "Hi" to me when we were walking down the stairs, but I didn't heard/see him at first because my fringe covered my eyes -_- Only noticed when we reached the last staircase, then said " HI FIF." and smiled at him. Psshh.

Walked to 99 and bought food coloring, for my craft work. I'm dying to make something but I have to buy clay from Daiso and glaze first :( Oh well.

My package from A Fashion Story came today! :D YES. I won't show you what it is yet though.

Tuition last night was hilarious. Idk why but everyone was just so drunk, and couldn't stop laughing. Had to find the "s" in one question, which I forgot what it was. Jeans (I think. It was her right? :O Damn memory) yelled something really funny (which I forgot) and we started talking about "s-es" typical us. HAHAHA. Good night. Good night. Not goodnight I'm going to bed. It's always a good night :P Okay, I'm blabbering now. Byebye :)

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