Monday, October 22, 2012

Anniversary Dinner :)

Hey there! :)

I went to church this morning. Talked to Joy about random stuff while we waited for the others to come. Once everyone came, I went in the room, and we had a short practice (for pnw) first. One of my backups, Mani (MONEY. JENG JENG JENG.) was a really mischievous kid and he kept pulling out the piano wire, so I gave him a creepy stare but he just smiled even wider, and grinned at me. HAHA kids these days. Praise and worship went surprisingly well, considering the fact that I haven't been on duty for months :) So after that, they had vbs practice, and because I didn't want to go to fuXion alone, I watched them and painted my nails. HAHA. Multitasking. Sat next to Fabian and Jezreel, and kept tugging at Fab's hair. So CURLY, looks like Maggie Mee. Haha.

Then we went to have lunch. Esther DISAPPEARED without telling us -__- cheh. Cheryl had lunch with her family, so it was just Joy, Jeans and me. The guys were sitting behind us, but we didn't join tables. So we ate, then Wei Loong came and we talked about something that I think was pretty funny. Hahaha.

Dad asked us to help with wrapping up the shirts, but he took a long time to come back..So we went to the RR office for a while to chill. Then we went outside, and talked to people we knew, went to the 2nd hall just for the aircond and to watch Cheryl do cartwheels and attempted to do somersaults. Dad finally came, so we started rapping and wrapping gifts. Meg and Esther came before we finished wrapping it up (literally) so they pitched in to help.

And we went back home. to MY home not their own respective homes. HAHA. Everyone squeezing in the back. Changed into my uniform, although I was highly skeptical that we still had to usher because we were already late anyways. And we used the spray we bought from GM, and sprayed like crazy :D Mine turned out really red, but I liked it that way :) The mess we made with the spray, mein gott. It was crazy.

So we cleaned up a bit, then we went to help with packing the pens in the boxes. Which took really long, because there were a lot of mix-ups. Then my Mum fetched us to Hai Thiam Lo Restaurant, once again with 5 or 6 girls squeezing in the back. Should have rented a van. Lol. We had to take the gifts outta the boot, and run in the rain to the restaurant. Collected our tickets, placed the gifts near the stage, then Meg, Esther and I went to change into dresses. I prefer wearing a dress to the RR uniform because I felt kinda stiff in the uniform :(

Yeah so when we sat down for barely a few minutes, Dad asked some of us to help with arranging the gifts. Meg and I were like " Cannot..too short, if we bend down...can see the butt." HAHAHA. At least I was la. So we didn't help with that, I think we went to chat with Andrew and somehow got roped into helping out with the sales counter. Oh yeah, we were sitting with Jolene, Dexter and some more people which I don't know their names. They were all pretty nice though :)

Helped with giving out the gifts, then Joy and I had to go around the restaurant and find people who got a glass-award to pass them a box to keep the glass-award in.It was fun though, if not a little frustrating. I saw something I liked and mumbled something perverted without thinking,but thankfully no one heard me.

Went back to our table and ate a little bit of food, and left AGAIN, to stand by the sales counter. Jeans, Joanne, Esther helped at the back counter, Meg, Cheryl and I were in charge of the front one. A lot of things were going on, but for the life of me, I can't remember a single thing. I was probably a little drunk already. Haha.

I remember going to the back counter, and getting poked to death by little angels and running back to the front, crying my eyes out from laughter.

Um..The patches were sold out, the boloties and keychains okay-okay la. Haha. We earned RM521 at our counter. Hehe :3 Negotiating with people to buy, I felt like a pasar malam auntie. HAHA. Cmdr Teresa chatted a lot and bought a lot of stuff, a lot of people came by to look/buy too. One guy asked me something about the bolotie, and I said "RM30 only, Very cheap and limited so please just buy one." He said "RM30 only?!" At least it wasn't RM50. HAHA. Then we talked for a while, but he didn't want to buy :( Oh well, next year. Haha. :P

Everyone started going home, except for me and Joy. So we talked to other people, took photos and did nonsense la basically. HAHA. I tried to photobomb someone's photo by waving my hand up and down repeatedly, but I actually gave it a cool vignette effect by accident. Hehe, talented in nonsense.Took Joy home, and came home and washed out the dye from my hair because my hair felt dry and brittle-like. And WOW, the colored foam and red water could have convinced someone that it was my blood. HAHA. So fun :)

I wanted to go for the "No Apologies" seminar, but I'm going to Melaka with my homies, so no :(

Someone just told me I was pretty :3 Mi piace :D Hahaha. Aww thank you :)

Will be updating this post if I remember anything. HAHA. Sorry but I just go into phases where I completely forget what I did for the past few minutes.

Note: Oh oh! This isn't really important, but I hugged Janani and Punitha at the dinner, because..I don't know. I was drunk? HAHAHA.

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