Sunday, October 7, 2012

Bright-eyed and Bushy tailed. Literally.

Hey there! :)

So today was a little out of the ordinary.

I slept late last night (FRIDAY NIGHT ehem) so I woke up really 'late' this morning according to dad. I always sleep in on Saturday mornings, and wake up around 11 am or 12 pm. But I forgot about the photo shoot -__- Brothers woke me up, I had to bathe, wear my uniform (dratted belt!) and comb down my hair which looked like a lion's mane in 30 minutes. NOT a good thing to do when you're drop dead tired. Went downstairs STILL very sleepy, and looking like death. Asked Dad why I had to wake up so early and he said "What early? 11am already la." when he was pinning the medals on my uniform. So I slept while he pinned it on (not literally, just closed my eyes and snored) Cmdr Kwang Yew and Brandon Ann just waiting only. HAHA. So yeah, they took the photos, and I tried not to fall asleep, but it was pretty hard not to.

Wanted to go back to sleep after they left, but my mind wasn't in the sleep mood anymore :( Bleugh. Did I mention my Mum SNIP SNIPPED my fringe off last night? I look..not so bad but not so good either. I feel absolutely ridiculous though.

Ah yeah! I PLANNED to go to tuition but I lost my tuition files, so I thought "never mind la. Last day of the year anyway. No big deal." So I stayed at home, and cooked rice. (HAHA not really. Porridge.) Fell asleep on the floor after that. Really tired. Urgh.

Mum came home, and we went to Jusco (AEON for some of you complainers :P) to fix my watch and hers. It took some time, so I went walking around, buying some cheap stuff. Then we went to..Daiso? Hinode? somewhere? and looked around a bit.

Cotton On was having a big sale. Most of the stationery-ish stuff were RM6 or less. Bought 3 gigantic notebooks for my writing stuff, and some other stuff (I forgot what it was. Hey, it's been 4 hours since I came back,so duh.) Then we went to the clothes department, I bought some irrelevant clothes, which you don't need to know about. Mum was waiting in line, and I wanted to go to the food section to buy biscuits, so I went.

Saw two girls entering Poh Kong (or Leong? Or Fonk? What.) Didn't think anything of it at first, even though they LOOKED familiar but I couldn't tell. Then the girl in the white shirt turned and I noticed it was Sze Yie. HAHA. Whut the heck you's doing there, I thought. If one's Sze Yie, the other's probably Megan, so I sneaked up on them and said "Boo!" Yes, very scary, Maine. Very.

Talked for a while, but then I had to ciao because we had to go home soon and I haven't bought my biscuits yet. So yeah, we came home, sorted everything out and here I is :P

Eating porridge now. I know, Again. I DID eat chinese food earlier for lunea (lunch/tea. Lame I know.) but I'm still hungry. That was HOURS ago. It's raining now.

I like rain.

Have to sleep now, gotta wake up by 8.20am to go to church.



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