Monday, October 15, 2012

From My Point Of View: Astrology & Horoscopes.

Hey guys! :)

So I'm back again. 

And if you're wondering if this is gonna be a long, philosophical thought post, you might just be right. Or not. We'll see :P

I realized I haven't been writing poems and stories for a while now. What I really want to do is to write a crime fiction story, or better yet, READ ONE. But I have yet to find one that doesn't use a lot of bad words and the tedious story line about an adult's life. I'm not an adult, so I don't understand the concept of work and what not about an adult's life. Ask me to write a story about someone's childhood, and no problemo. Now, if I could get my hands on a book that profiles criminals like in Criminal Minds, that would be awesome. 

Just finished reading the Demigod Files & Demigod Diaries. It's basically 3 stories in 1 book. Or rather, two books in this situation. And some people say that reading is a waste of time. Pfft. I think not.

Alright, on to the topic at hand. (that IS correct, isn't it?)

Definition: In astrology, a horoscope is a chart or diagram representing the positions of the SunMoonplanets, the astrological aspects, and sensitive angles at the time of an event, such as the moment of a person's birth. The word horoscope is derived from Greek words meaning "a look at the hours" (horoskopos, pl. horoskopoi, or "marker(s) of the hour.") -Wikipedia. 

Some people believe that horoscopes can predict the coming day's events and a person's personality. 
I have to say that certain characteristics they describe about me (Aquarius) is pretty spot on. I like the name Aquarius, sounds all aqua-like and watery. Watery sounds odd, but yeah. 

I don't believe ;believe (I'm well aware that was repeated) in horoscopes, but I find it fascinating at times. 

For example, (hits and misses and wowza-s[well maybe sometime-s.].) 

Traits of an Aquarius:

  •  Ambitious and serious: I have to say this is a hit. I AM ambitious, I have plans to do something in relation to craft/writing. Serious, yeah. I could be serious if I had to. 
  • Loves to teach and to be taught: Teaching others? That's alright. To be TAUGHT? No no. Hyperactive brain no likey. Wowza.
  • Hardworking and productive: This one's a laugh. I mean miss. I'm by no means hardworking, unless I'm in one of my OCD-must-clean-everything!! fit. I don't do projects till 2 weeks before the deadline. Or later. Haha. So no.
  • Sensitive and has deep thoughts: I'm not sure about sensitive, but I do have deep thoughts. Hit-ish. 
  • Knows how to make others happy: Does being annoying count? :) And drunk? Then yes.
  • Quiet unless excited or tensed: Umm no. Miss. Generally I'm quiet when I'm excited AND tensed.
  • Rather reserved: Pretty much yeah. 
  • Highly attentive: Yes, unless I'm drunk or really REALLY drunk.
  • Resistant to illnesses but prone to colds: Hell yeah. No idea why but I'm highly allergic to people with strong colognes too. 
  • Romantic but has difficulty expressing love: You couldn't have said it any better. But I'm NOT romantic. -___- I'm just not cynical enough.
  • Loves children: Yes, even the ones that poke me to death.
  • Homely person: I do hope you mean "One that is comfortable in only his/her home." not "Unattractive person." If so, you can take a pick at which is true.
  • Loyal: I sure hope so.
  • Easily jealous: Why yes I am. YOU KEEP YOUR HANDS OFF MY CAT ,WOMAN. 
  • Needs to improve on social abilities: I agree. I'm not entirely anti-social, but I can't go up to random people and say HI OMG ITS SO NICE TO MEET YOU, THAT WATCH IS FREAKING AWESOME, YOU HAVE A NICE CAT AND I LOVE YOUR DRESS AND BY THE WAY DID I MENTION HOW ADORABLE YOUR CAT IS!?. I'm not that..overly friendly. I like overly friendly people, but I'm not one myself. I just don't have that, bongza. You know, energy? And yes, I made that up. 

And that's it for Horoscopes and such! :)

On another note, now that PMR is over, I want to watch Taken 2! :D 
And do so so many things that I couldn't do before PMR. 

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