Monday, October 15, 2012

Hello once again, freedom.

Hey there! :)

So guess what? PMR is officially over! :D (For me. HAHA) Yay.

I had a weird series of dreams last night. I dreamt about not waking up in time to go to school. Over and over again. The same dream but in different situations, like a tickling time bomb in one dream and waking up at 1pm and realizing I missed school. In normal circumstances, that would have been alright. But I had PMR today, so you can imagine how horrible this dream was. And then I really woke up, and realized it was 7.19am and I had only 11 minutes to get ready and go. So I rushed like crazy and went to school, thankfully on time. I wonder if some dreams are really warnings in disguise. Haha. Of course, I was half asleep the whole time after that. Maths Paper 1 was a tad bit difficult, but Paper 2 was a breeze. KH was kinda hard O_o. but mehh.

Ian and Ryan went out to eat sushi with AA. If I wasn't so annoyed at her now, I would have gone with them. But I am. I really hate it when people underestimate my intelligence. Just because I'm not studies-smart, it doesn't mean that I'm not book-smart or street-smart or whatever-smart. If you asked me to name any Charles Dickens book or Jules Verne, I could rattle off a whole list of names to you. Don't assume, just because I'm not a genius in Maths; I'm stupid in everything else. Anyhow, and anyway; I think it's best if I keep my distance for a while, or I might do something ridiculous.

I just wish people will stop comparing me with others. Why does everyone want me to be perfect in every sense? Now THAT'S discriminating.

So on a happier thought; Welcome back freedom. I missed you :)

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