Friday, October 12, 2012

Just another day to go.

Hey guys! :)

So it's been a long day. I'm pretty exhausted now. Whole morning spent in school, came home, had lunch and went back to school, and I finished my paper early, so the teacher let me leave about 40 minutes after the afternoon exam started. And I walked home after that, because I was too impatient to wait for Dad. Haha. Went to Jusco with Ryan and A.A. Bought some bits and pieces and notebooks from Cotton On. One for Joy, Ryan wanted one too, and one more for fun.

Ryan's Notebook.

I bought two of the same one, one for Joanne. I bought the the other a few days earlier.
There wasn't much nice ones left :( Sorry. I thought one MIGHT be nice, but the drawing of the face was pretty creepy, so NEIN. 

Notebook love <3

Mum's always complaining that I buy them all the time and never use them. 
True, but they're pretty. 

A certain person by the name of Joy got me hooked on Cleo's magazine. 
Ehem, ehem. Cannot resist it :(

My greatly most treasured book in one of the best series of all time. 

Anyways, I sat in Popular for a while, and read one of Roald Dahl's books.

It's a pretty nice read, but I didn't get to read much at all :(

Besides that, everyone's expecting me to be flipping out about PMR and going "OMG!OMG! I GOT THE ANSWER WRONG!" and "I'm not going to get an A :( *sobs*" or at least react about it. But I'm not. I've said it before, but I'm just not the type to overreact over things like exams. I'm not really easily excited. Unless I'm really drunnk. HAHA. If somehow, I manage to get 5 As at least, it'd be a miracle.

I studied Science before the exam, online. There's a lot of notes and sample questions in certain places, if you know where to look. Sejarah, I only read the first few chapters of Form 3 and the ones I read about came out the most. Dang dang dang dang :P

No reason to get flustered over insignificant things. 

Not sure what I think of Science. It was relatively easy (probably because I revised it a lot) but in Paper 2, I got really agitated over the "kidney" question. The labeling the part of the kidney, I could only remember medulla (because I studied the diagram for about 2 seconds.), so I just wrote that and prayed it was correct. Haha. One function of the kidney: (I wrote) To remove unwanted substances from the bloodstream. It SOUNDS right, but I don't know... 

The other questions were just so and so, but none of them actually stumped me which is a good thing because blank spaces in paper 2? Nay. Just no. Paper 1 was alright, just went through it a few times, circled and rechecked every answer and I'm confident that I'll get maybe a B or hopefully more? Haha. I don't set my standards very high. The higher the expectation, the more the amount of disappointment <- Psychology 101. But really, as long as there's no Ds and less, I'm happy.

Someone said I look extremely serious this week. I guess it's the lack of sleep, lack of appetite and slight annoyance at not being able to do something besides studying. I'm always serious during major exams. HAHA. Can you imagine a drunk me trying to memorize facts and taking the exam, laughing and being silly? Psssh. Nein. That way, I'd fail every single subject; even English. Unstable mentality and exams do not get along very well. So Serious me is in charge for now. At least till Monday. But Serious me doesn't like studying Sejarah very much either. Bleugh. My unstable mind. I've been serious since last Sunday. It was as though a switch had been flipped in my brain, and a completely different personality became me.

Despite the double GMA ceremonies, the hassle of changing clothes in barely a minute, ushering (not really) and everything, I just couldn't, wouldn't let myself go crazy. Once it starts, it never stops. Had a spinning headache from staying up to read up on Komsas the night before. So in truth, the anniversary was really a blackout for me. I didn't remember much. Figures.

Note to self: Forget exams, lavish sleep. 

Which also means, good night :)

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