Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Looking forward to the weekend :D

Hey there! :)

I'm pretty hyped up for the Melaka trip :D Looking forward to a great time there. Hehe.

I can't wait to dye my hair. I've always wanted reddish brown hair with mixed colors in it, cause that's how my hair used to be when I was small. Most people want crazy colors like blue or purple, but I've always liked a more natural look. So yeah :)

I'm going to go broke when I go to Melaka. I can feel it in my bones already. I wish I was a little more like my friends who aren't crazy, compulsive and airhead-ed when it comes to shopping :( Control, control, you silly girl.

I've been re-reading a story on Wattpad. It's called It All Started With An Apple.

It's a really cute story, you should read it :)

I'm tired of all those cliched stories where the baseline of the story is always the same: (So here's a Malaysian Tale called "I'm Fabulous" [courtesy of Cheryl Sin for reminding me of Kimora] written by Yours Truly in points. All misspellings and nonsense are intended.)

  1. Girl meets guy. "Ohh, sho handzum la he."
  2. Girl likeys guy. "OMG you'z hot hot stuff." 
  3. Girl wants to have guy. "I want want."
  4. Guy is popular and hot. "I so sexy and all the ladies love me."
  5. Girl wants him from afar. "He so hot ahh. So sexy. How to make him like me ahh."
  6. Girl and guy starts dating 30 chapters later. "Yay, we date-date now!"
  7. Girl catches guy cheating on her 3 chapters later, with some popular girl. "Why you do this to me wan!?"
  8. Girl and guy breaks up. "I don't want you anymore. You cheat on me summore la!"
  9. Girl cries her heart out. "Weeahhh, how come he do this to me?"
  10. Girl meets some other guy. "Wah, this one also not bad ah!"
  11. Girls dates some other guy. "Eh, not bad ah, not bad. He give me ice cream wan"
  12. Guy 1 is jealous. "Why you go date him!?"
  13. Guy wants her back. "Eh sayang, I want you back le. So long no see you, miss you vely much already."
  14. Girl says "Me no likeyz you anymorez. Me likes another unicorn. A sexy unicorn"
  15. Guy 1 and Guy 2 are pissed at each other. "Why you take my girl ah? She's my one and only sayang! I punch you then you know." 
  16. They fight for her love *note the sarcasm*  *BAM BAM PSSH PSHSH BLAH BLAH* "Want me to punch you harder, is it??!" *BAM BAM PUNCH PUNCH SLAP SLAP*
  17. Girl is upset. She says "Why you fight-fight for me. I no like BOTH of you now! STOP GADUH. Or I no friend you guys anymore."
  18. Guys stop fighting and glares at each other. "She my one ah." "No SHE MINE ONE."
  19. Girl very angry now. "Eh, you bodoh monkeys diam la!" *Storms off*
  20. And it goes on and on for the next 12 chapters, until she has to decide who to pick. "Aiyahh. Choose who ahh. This one handsome but he cheat on me. That one handsome also, but not that handsome. And handsome one also very rich."
  21. Wait in suspense for the next two chapters. Readers go: "Who she going to pick? The handsome one or the not-so-handsome-one?"
  22. She picks handsome one. "Hmm..Handsome guy better than the not-so-handsome one, got nice blue eyes and hair, summore can play guitar and got nice car. Who care if he cheat on me, one time only mah."
  23. Handsome one has magically transformed his ways, now becoming a "perfect" gentleman, and they live happily ever after. "Wah, I got fairytale ending now. Handsome husband, nice cat, nice house, big car, and 1000 children, also got swimming pool, personal chef, everything! Nice lo my life like that."
  24. The not chosen one goes down in the dumps, becomes alcoholic and dies many years later for eating too much pizza. 
You see what I mean? 

A 100 chapters about this, when I summed it up in 24 points. 

So the point is, if you ever write a story, think outside the box, don't just go with the cliche storyline that has been repeated over and over again in movies and books. People want to read something different, something unique. Use your imagination ;)

For you Non-Malaysians who don't get the joke because of the broken English otherwise known as Manglish, feel free to experience our Malaysian culture :) 

I hope this made you laugh :) 

Till next time,

P.S. This is copyrighted :P

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