Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Melaka Trip :)

Hey there guys! :)

LONG POST ALERT for you lazy people :P 

Side note: This will be longer than I thought it would be, but oh well. Most of it are photos anyway, so yeah :)

Our trip back home got delayed. I'll explain why later, but the extra day and night was so worth it! :D

Okay, so anyway, I went to church and saw the others there. There was a slight confusion about why Megan came. Meg and I made a secret plan not to tell the others that she was coming, because of her baking class, but the class was cancelled so she came, but the others didn't know :P HAHAHA. Evil us.

Who came? Me, Megan, Cheryl, Aijean, Joanne, Esther, Fabian, Samuel, Alvyn, Teacher Luna, Teacher Sharon and Teacher Edvin.

The van ride was nice. Funny things happened, but I forgot what, so I shan't blabber about it. Hehe. I have a horrible memory. I do remember playing with Esther's teddy bear and hugging it like crazy. Haha, and I tied my hair because it was pretty hot. Someone was singing "Blow my whistle baby, bleh bleh bleh." and Esther or someone was saying "eww, bleh bleh  dirty la bleh."

She calls it "Meat" :)

Esther's hair.

Megan's hair. I got bored. HAHA.

My hair. I accidentally turned it into a twisty-braid. HAHA.

We went to eat chicken rice ball at some popular restaurant, but I forgot the name, so yeah. Us girls sat at one table together and the rest were at the next table.When I first saw the rice ball, I thought it was fish ball. HAHAHA. I'm no Melaka expert la. So we were just talking about random stuff. One part, I accidentally said "Chicken ball. blah blah." Then Cheryl was laughing and saying "Chicken BALLS. BALLS." It was pretty hilarious. And yes, a little bit wrong. I didn't eat much, didn't have the appetite. But the food was yumyum.

Then we went into the van and to the apartment where we were supposed to stay. It was awesome and really comfy :3 The guys took the couches, the girls took a room and the teachers had the other 2 rooms. We just lepak-ed and explored the place.

Crazy Meg. HAHA.

No idea what Jeans was trying to do, but yeah.

When the curtains are closed.

Being silly.

Chilling in the toilet. HAHAHA. 

Yeah, me and Esther :) HAHA.

After we lazed around a bit and did nonsense like taking photos, we got into the van again to go to the museum. 

Sam and Alvyn were being so romantic and loving in the front seat. 

Sam was pretty embarrassed and he kept pushing Alvyn away but Alvyn was all touchy-feely. HAHAHA. Ultra-funny. Ehem. No shame.
At the museum, Aijean and Cheryl disappeared. Not literally, but you know. So the rest of us went to look around in the museum, the mannequins were so blimey scary and almost realistic looking. Fabian scared me by jumping out of a corner and saying "BOO!" and I screamed. Hahaha.

Creepy right?

A little blur but oh well.

The ships were pretty :)

Chilling outside :)

Kampung house. HAHA.

The bread factory. It had a creepy mannequin there, so I didn't want to take a photo of the whole place.

Bush-hugger. Haha.

Malaysia Boleh? HAHA.


Looking out the window :D


Meg, MaggieMee and Esther.

Teacher Edvin and Teacher Sharon :)

Sam: *opens the chest* OH MY GOD. bleh bleh bleh.
Alvyn: What is it? *opens chest* Oh my god! bleh bleh bleh.
Fabian: What you guys talking about?
Me: *opens chest which was super heavy* Aiyah, it's EMPTY la. 
Sam: HAHAHA, troll.

Silliness. Teehee.

Esther likes ships. HAHA.

Miniatures which were pretty interesting. 
What to do? I like history. HAHA lies.


Hehehe. Meg's famous pose.



Tom yam.

Looks like we were about to dance Oppa Gangnam Style, but trust me, we were not.

Failed jumping attempt. HAHA.

This was aite :)


Jumping was quite fun. HAHA. Credits to Fabian for the photo.

Oppa Rangers Style. Bleh.

Girl snapshots. Hehe.

Not bad *Obama* face. HAHA.

HAHA Fabs.

Can you find the hidden photobomber?

Them photobombers. HAHAHA.

Esther, what the heck. HAHAHA.
Megan looks really scary here.
Joanne looks blur.

Derping around.

And yeah, that's basically what we did at the museum :) HAHA.

The guys were talking about spending the night in the museum like the movie and all, and I was thinking that if I had to pick a museum to spend the night, I would choose one without creepy mannequins.

When we finished hanging out in the museum, we went to some place else which I forgot what it's supposed to be. Historical place maybe?

Walking there.

We saw some cool stalls selling interesting things. And we bought some.

Joy's necklace.

Esther's necklace.

Mine :)

The guy mixed our necklaces up. I wanted Joy's and she wanted mine :(

This guy was super talented. He can sing in a lot of languages! :O


We saw a couple chilling down there. Someone suggested rolling down and joining them.
That person: K, we roll down then put our arms around them and say "Can I join you ah?" HAHAHA. Sounds like Cheryl, I think.

Walked around the town after that. I think we went to Jonker Street before the stalls on the road was open too. I bought some stuff :)

The trishaw was cute, I wanted to take a ride in one but no time.

Some place with immobile trains and planes. HAHA.

It was fun :) Haha, Teacher Edvin has a whole bunch of nicer photos, he said he'd be burning a CD and giving us all a copy of the photos. :D

So rusty, but cool.

We took a boat ride, excluding the teachers, Cheryl and Megan.

The bullet train's so cute! OMG :D

The boat ride was crazy funny. Esther or Joanne was complaining about the water being smelly. I didn't notice because my nose was slightly blocked. HAHA. Talked a LOT of nonsense, I remember.

Not sure if we went for dinner first or Jonker Street. I think it's dinner, so I'm just gonna talk about dinner first.

Dinner was alright. The food was nice, but I thought that Klang's food is still de best :) No CHINESE TEA. How is this possible? Had to order the pot one, so I decided not to drink Chinese tea :(

We went to Jonker Street after that, to look around. I henna-ed my hand :D Yay. A lot of interesting things there. I bought:

Mine is the one on the left. Joy's one is on the right, hers is from when she went to Melaka last year.

Chilli looks cute. HAHA.



RM2 keychain. Hehe.

Take a pill.

I'm pretty sure someone I know has this shirt. But for the life of me, I can't recall who it was -__-

But the shirt was pretty.

Starbucks! :D

Meg, Joy and I have this one. Meg's white though. Her shirt, not her.

Meg, Joy, Esther and me haz this.

Me's henna. It's a bit messy, but alright la.

Cheryl's hand :D

Cheryl dyed her hair. So nice! :D

When we went back to the apartment, Meg covered herself with the blanket and terus tidur already. I was talking with Jeans about something and jumped on the bed JUST A LITTLE BIT and Meg suddenly said "OII." So scary, haha. I ate tom yam :) yum.

We went outside and everyone was not sleepy so we played "Truth or Dare". All the girls chose Truth because I could sense that the guys had evil plans for us if we chose Dare. Sam got a dare to drink a disgusting drink that we concocted. We put in Tom Yam soup, broken biscuits, peanut butter and jelly inside. Jeans and Cheryl tasted it first and said it tasted like puke or shit. HAHA. Samuel drank it and actually LIKED it. Bleugh. HAHAHA.

It went on for a while, but the game got boring when we didn't have any more questions to ask and dares to do. So we played a card game, "Donkey" and Cheryl's version of the game. Quite fun. We made a lot of noise, Teacher Sharon had to keep coming out of her room and shush-ing us. HAHA.

Around 4am, I wanted to snooze in the bed, so I went to the room and used towels as my blanket because I didn't want to disturb Meg. It was so bloody cold. Urgh. I wore Esther's cardigan too. 
Had some trouble sleeping in the cold room, but I fell asleep and woke up. I didn't dream which was good :) More like pengsan. HAHA. The next morning, I was already awake but just too lazy to get up. 

My most hated words in the morning is WAKE UP. I just get really cranky and irritable when people say that when I want to sleep. HAHA. But I got up anyway. 

We had a worship session. And after that was an "exercise", we had to fill in the blanks for some popular quotes. Some was really easy like "Luke, I am your father." and "My name is Bond, James Bond." The rest was slightly hard to remember, but I just had to look at where the quote is from and I knew the answer. Haha. Who said reading's a waste of time? :P

I got 13/13. Aha, nerd. -__-

Then the teachers took some photos.

This was from earlier:



Credits to Teacher Luna.

Teacher said we could go in the pool, so we did! :D 

Got dragged into the pool by Cheryl and Megan. Haha.

Esther was the first to get in the pool, because Cheryl pushed her in. HAHA. 

We jumped from the bridge *kamikaze* and went to the kiddie pool for the slide. Quite fun :) HAHA. 

Teased each other and did nonsense as always.

When we got out of the pool and dried ourselves, we went to wait for the elevator. And some foreigner from Brazil, I think, looked at me and said "You look so hot" or something. I was shocked. HAHA. Not sure if it was pedophilia or a complimentary or perverted.

Went upstairs and took a bath after Esther finished using the bathroom. The shampoo and conditioner made my hair really soft and nice :3 

Them sleeping girls.

Meg ahh.

HAHAHA. We were bored. 

The back of my romper. Hehe.

We went to a restaurant after that to eat Bah Kut Teh. The only type of Chinese food I know how to spell. HAHA. We packed up our bags and cleaned up the room.

Me and Cheryl :)

Plus a Sakai.

I look weird when I'm not taking photos, okay fine :P

Cheryl and Esther.

Meg and Me :)


The food was yumminess. 

Meg and I sitting in the front seat.
The rest were chilling in the back seat.
We went back to Jonker Street for a while.

The others eating cendol.

We didn't have anything to do, so snapsnap. HAHA.

After that, we went on our way home :)

Or supposedly.

Meg fell asleep, so I chatted with Teacher Edvin who was driving about classic books, photography and photoshop. Had to go to the petrol station to refill petrol and coincidentally, the van broke down. Sad :( Had to wait for a mechanic to come, so we bought ice cream and stuff. Sam was playing his guitar and everyone else was just sitting there and talking :)

And yes, I carried the bear with me because I liked hugging it :)

Some photos were edited. HAHAHA.

Meg playing guitar :)

I think we're insane. Getting stuck at a petrol station and being "I don't care"-ish about it. 

Me likes.

Have you met Nicholas Sparks? :P HAHA.

Jeans' watch. So nice :D

Jeans, the famous photobomber. HAHA. 

The van got fixed, and everyone was like " Oh praise the Lord! We can go home!" and guess what?

That's right.

The van broke down. AGAIN. A while later. By the road. It was quite exciting actually. 

Apparently the radiator had holes in it, so no matter how many times we tried to cool it down, it didn't work.

So we did other stuff like singing songs and dancing ORS and waving at strangers in their cars. Most of them just stared at us. Some smiled and waved back. One guy had the window winded down and he said "HUH." so loud when we waved at him. That was hilarious. HAHA.

Cheryl grazed her knees :( Poor Peanut.

After a while, we went further down the road and saw a rest stop, so we parked the van there and just waited.

Teachers said that it would be dangerous to drive back home with the van in such a bad condition so we went back to Melaka, and our beloved apartment. We had to book a different room this time because expensive la. HAHA. The room was on the 14th floor. The first one was on the 4th or 5th floor, I think. 

The room was not bad also. Very cosy :)

Megan, Cheryl and Alvyn stayed back while the rest of us went to eat dinner. We WALKED to the restaurant, but okay la, it wasn't too far. Hehe. The food was nice, especially the chicken. We talked about something, I forgot what it was but it was interesting :) HAHA.

Then after that, I practically RAN (not really) back to the apartment because I had to use the loo. Yeah, you know what that means. I was clenching my booty. HAHAHA. We kept singing the song but I made them stop singing because I really had to go doodoodoodooodoo. Okay Maine stop it. 

Jeans, Esther and Joy waited at the elevator and jumped around, screaming something about toilet and cannot tahan (?) anymore I think. Teacher Sharon rushed out of the elevator and opened the door. Phew. 

So after that, I was discussing something private with Cheryl and Megan. Cheryl's secret la. Megan said something perasan and said "Don't think I'm perasan or anything ah...bleh bleh." Cheryl said something and we started laughing like crazy. It was ironic. HAHA.

Okay, that made no sense.

Teacher Edvin let us take some for ourselves :)

Did I mention that Cheryl, Meg and I have the same phone?

Technically it's my brother's phone but yeah. HAHA. And if you looked hard enough at the photo, you'll notice that the time is all DIFFERENT. HAHAHA.

I wasn't planning on sleeping early but I crashed on the bed. Cocooned up in the warm, fuzzy blanket and all comfortable, I couldn't help dozing off.

I woke up early the next morning. But I was so comfortable, I didn't want to get out of bed until Teacher Luna (was it?) came and asked us to wake up. When she did, I shot up the bed and lazed around before going to the living room. 

We had praise and worship but I couldn't sing because I had a sore throat -__- Teacher Luna and Teacher Edvin went to repair the van, so Teacher Sharon talked about us being patient when the van broke down (twice HAHA) and being very close and helping out and all :) So sweet. 

Thank you to all the teachers for a great time :D

We went down to the pool after that! WHOO.

Sam slept by the side of the bridge then he rolled down somehow and almost died. HAHA. kidding. 

You know what it's like getting a bucket of water thrown on your face to wake you up?

Imagine rolling into the pool as a fantastic awakening. :P 

Joanne got pulled into the pool by Esther. HAHA. Idk what happened because all the water splashed in my face, but it was funny. 

So we dried up, and took our baths. We cleaned up and packed our bags. We went to Melaka Parade mall to eat lunch. Everyone but Esther, Megan and I went to McDonalds. I didn't want to eat McDs cause I was tired of it, so we went to Pizza Hut :D Yumyum. 

Pizza Hut was just so GOOD. Yumminess :)

We went to the 1st floor because I wanted to buy photo paper for my project :) It's a long story. We went back to the Ground floor again and saw the others going up to go to the toilet. Haha, so we just waited with the guys. 

Once everyone was ready, we left the mall. I fell asleep because I was too full and satisfied :P I heard Teacher Luna, Teacher Sharon and Aijean talking about something, with my eyes closed. I glanced back and saw Esther, Cheryl and Samuel sleeping. 

Meg woke up, and we stared at Cheryl and laughed because she looks hilarious when she's sleeping. Reminds me of the archery trip. 

Finally reached church, didn't really do much.

Just took photos and talked.

Chit-chatted a bit la. But I was hungry. :(

I came home and found this:

Scholastic books finally arrived! :D

I've already read the Lost Hero but I didn't have the book.

It had a smiley face at the side, so I know it's Jeans who packed it. :P

Apparently GMA holders get something too. YAY!

Dad bought Korean seaweed for me, and we went to Tesco to buy some stuff for his meeting. Hehe. 

 Bought a new camera cable because mine is missing.

Bought dinner too, which I had to rush to eat, because AA wanted to take me to Jusco to buy new jeans.  So I did :)

And here I am now. 

Getting tired, sorry. 

I'll post the videos some other time if you want :)

nights :)

P.S. Alvyn was raping Fabian in the pool. HAHAHA. just kidding. But he was doing some seriously wrong things to him O_o.

P.P.S. Edited versions of the photos are available in *Dreams*


  1. Maine, great post! :D AND YOUR ROMPERS ARE GORGIE. Where did you buy it, my gosh? So naiseee!

    1. Hey! :D Aww thanks! HAHAHA. I love the romper <3 It was a gift, but I think they'd sell it at Forever 21 or H&M, places like that :)


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