Tuesday, October 2, 2012

New Design & Thoughts on Suicide.

Hey there! :)

So I just changed my blog banner.

If you haven't noticed :P 

I've been messing around with editing photos lately. 
And studying .
Can't wait for PMR to be over. 

Did you see the sun today? It's really pretty :) With a halo. Even the sun is an angel. HAHA. Lame joke.

Listening to Chasing The Sun-The Wanted. People find it weird that I like bands/artists that are completely different from each other. Take Linkin Park and Gloriana for an example O__o. But I lovez music.

So anyway, what are your thoughts on suicide?

I know it's wrong, but that doesn't mean that I haven't thought of it or attempted it before.

When I'm really depressed, I think about it a lot. How easy it would be to just take my own life and be gone from this world. But then I remember all the things that I live for, God, my family, friends, cat and all the little things that make life meaningful.

The only time that I've ever attempted to commit suicide was 4 years ago. I had a lot of problems and I was extremely depressed. I wasn't really thinking when I took a blade and cut myself. No pain, no feeling. Just numbness and blood. I remember staring at it for a while, then I went to clean it up. I promised myself (and God) that I wouldn't attempt to take my life again, no matter how depressed I am.

When I think about suicide, I wonder how people might feel if I ever kill myself. How would it affect the people I love? I don't want to ruin other people's life because of my own selfishness and disregard for their feelings.

There's always a reason to live, no matter how bad things get :)

Smile at people who look sad, make people laugh by just doing silly things and being childish. You never know when you can save a life just by a random act of kindness.

So go out there, and smile.

Make a difference.

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