Friday, October 19, 2012

Rabid porcupine! Or hedgehog?

Hey there! :)

So anyways, Esther said to wear dress to the anniversary dinner. But your choice la, if you don't want to, no problem :) I have idk..7 dresses? My aunts gave them to me,  in hopes that I'll finally embrace my femininity (Psshh. as if). But yeah, I don't want them to gather dust and crumble to pieces, cause the dresses are pretty pretty. And I appreciate prettiness. Yeah, I'm having a problem choosing what to wear. Hahaha. I have 3 dresses that I like (okay, don't don't like.) 4 years ago, I would never have thought that I'll be facing a dilemma like this. It's just such a GIRL problem. Bleugh. Maine, you disgust me. HAHA.

It's been raining like crazy lately. I love rain, it makes the house so much colder. I even need a blanket :3 just to watch tv.

My mp4 player is coming this Sunday. Can't wait :) I've been deprived of music for too long.

I thought I had a lot of time to spend with my friends after PMR, but I forgot to consider the odds. Passport not made yet, clothes not bought yet, songs not downloaded yet and so many things yet to be done. Urggh. 3 more weeks.

I have something to get off my chest. Literally. It's a cat. And something else too. I'm a little prejudiced against cheese, although it looks lovely and such. If you've been where I have been, I don't know what you would do against a farm filled with cheese and that smells very very cheesy. Attack it maybe? But not me :( I just don't like strong-smelling cheese which is a shame.

I really have to control my spending for the next few weeks. I want to save any extra money that I don't use to buy things in Holland for my friends :) and myself. Hahaha.

Have to remember to limit myself to a budget of RM 50 (or hopefully less) so that I don't splurge on useless things. Did you know that RM 90 or so is only 20 euros? I'm doomed. To a miserable miserable time tomorrow when/if I go to GM with my friends. :(

Oh well, at least I'll see my friends. Haha.

Just found out that I'm on duty this Sunday for praise and worship. I kinda miss singing (if you don't included the chipmunk-y singing. Haha). Teacher Sharon gave me her number, and guess what? Like an idiot I accidentally TURNED OFF my bro's phone before I could save the number. Joy oh joy. genius Maine. Genius. -__-

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