Monday, October 1, 2012

Rejection hurts..but I guess that's the way life works.

Hey there! :)

So today, I'll be broaching on a subject that I've been thinking about lately.

What would you do if the person you liked rejected you?

I would do my best to (serve God, my church and my fellowman. HAHAHA. Kidding) stop liking him, and give up on him if he really doesn't like me that way. It's not easy, I know. But you can't hold on forever to something that doesn't belong to you. It'll take time, effort, tears but in the end it's worth it because it will stop me from getting hurt when he ends up liking someone else.

I don't know about you, but I really don't like it when my guy friends start falling in love with me :( Why can't we just be friends/bros( I know I'm a girl but call myself SIS? really? no.)? Why is life so complicated -__-? When he likes me that way, but I don't like him the same way, I feel trapped. What should I do? Cut off all ties with him and pretend that we were never friends? Bleugh. It's a conflict. You can't pretend that you were never friends. I mean, isn't it stupid to throw away a friendship because of conflicted feelings? Ridiculous and childish -_-

So far it's been easy for me. I've been bro-zoning guys who like me for years, so I'm used to it. I don't mean to hurt their feelings, but I can't bring myself to change the way I feel about them, just to keep them from feeling hurt. But really, things can get really awkward after that :( And that sucks.

It's not like I didn't warn them. I always say that "If you like me like that, I'm gonna beat you up." I was kidding in a serious way. I really do mean what I say. But everyone thinks I'm just horsing around -.- I might joke a lot, but some things I say are really what I mean.

I feel fine with it, when he's okay with it and move on. No trouble, no fuss. But when he keeps on hoping, and wishing that I'll change my mind....I feel very much inclined to sock him in the nose. Repeatedly. Especially if I make it absolutely clear that I will not, shall not and CAN-not like him in the manner.And the same goes for guys who like my friends even though they make it clear that "ME NO LIKES YOU THAT WAY."

-___- NO NO NEIN. Even if he's a relatively nice guy, it is still very very annoying. Please don't stalk her, write gooey things about her, stare at her and do creepy stuff that annoys her. It's certainly not attractive and it's definitely not gonna work. Just please, let. her. GO. Don't make her feel trapped. If she doesn't want to be more than friends with you, please just TRY at least to understand that.

Sorry, I'm ranting on about it too much.

But I just can't take it anymore.

Don't fall in love with me. Unless you're Voldermort, than I'm okay with it ;) LOL.

But please, not my beloved guy friends. Please, not you.

P.S. Don't say I love you, when you barely know the person. Shame on you XD Seriously.

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