Friday, October 5, 2012

School, school and did I mention school?

Hey there! :)

So school was alright today. Only Form 3 students were at school. The teachers were giving speech after speech about PMR, and I listened (a bit) and tried not to sleep. Hahaha. (like a good girl.) Oh, and they gave us a mini set of stationery too :) Had to shake a LOT of teachers' hands and say thank you when they say good luck. Some of my friends got hugged too, I was just smirking because I might or might not have smoked some oxygen earlier.

Yeah, so then they just let us sit there and talk for 10 minutes before they sent us off to the class we are to (or is it were? Bleugh. Grammar.)  take our exams in. We were supposed to clean the class, but most of us just lepak-ed and talked nonsense. Way Jie's shirt was torn, two or more buttons were missing. He told me Jihah tore it and I was like :') I'm so proud of her. Then Shawn started talking about chest hair -__- Oh mein gott, gross.

Then we did absolutely NOTHING for the rest of the day. Me being prepared for boredom in all situations, read a book and fell asleep at the canteen table. Went back at 12pm.I walked home today, it was pretty fun :) If you ignore all those wannabe gangsters that jeered at me and the cars that drove so fast, they almost knocked me down. But despite that, I enjoyed it anyways. Saw an ice cream man, wanted to buy an ice cream but I was keeping track of how long it takes to walk from school to 99 to home, so I didn't :(

Mark Of Athena came out in USA this month! Can't wait for it to arrive in Malaysia :)

When I was on the chubby side (MIGHT have been too greedy, and ate too much a few years back, overseas) I pant like crazy when I walk home, and down a whole jar of water when I get home. But this year, I barely sweated, and smiled like a certifiably insane person when I got home.

And after a few hours, here I am :P

Till next time!

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