Sunday, October 21, 2012

Self control,I have none. But hey, at least I had a little bit of fun.

Hey there! :)

Woke up really early this morning. For some strange reason, I forgot to eat breakfast. How does one manage to forget the most important meal of the day? I have no idea. So I just lazed around, not really doing anything. Until 10.45am, then my dad took me to church because he had to meet someone there too. I was pretty early, because no one was there. Teacher Sharon saw me and asked me to write down the p&w songs which I sms-ed to her, but she didn't receive it. After that, I just walked around a bit, and did nothing important. I didn't even think much, which was highly unlike me because most of the time, my brain doesn't shut up. I guess it's been a blank day.

Anyway, I joined Esther, Joanne and Aijean for their VBS praise and worship practice, because I had nothing else to do. Sigh, the life of mine. Joy and I improvised on "Bromance" and "Nice Guys" teehee. Fast-forward to 1pm when practice finishes, because I'm too tired to write in detail. We went for lunch with the guys. Joseph Gan, Andrew, Samantha, Cmdr Hon Chong and David Supp were eating inside the restaurant. David suddenly called us over, so we did. He asked me if my shirt was my cousin's, well yeah it is :) Samantha said "Of course it is la,..." Then they started talking, and I realized I hadn't ordered any food/drink yet, so I rushed back to the table and went to order.

Then Esther's mum came, and we went to GM :) just to check out the new building. Haha. In the car, Joanne or Aijean (or both. HAHA) said my hair looks browner. Less eumelanin in my hair maybe? Haha..I think I'll have white hair by the time I'm 30. So we started talking about dyeing hair and I mentioned using natural remedies like cinnamon, coffee and honey because my parents don't want me to use chemical-filled dyes. And yeah, it just continued till we reached GM :P

First thought was that the NEW GM was more confusing than the OLD one. how is that even possible? Haha.

So we went here and there, we were looking for a Superman shirt because Joy wanted one, but they were all mostly guy body size type, so nein. I went a little overboard and spent TWICE the amount I limited myself to. RM you don't wanna know instead of RM50 (and below). The heck Maine -__- CONTROL YOURSELF.

Joy had to go back around 3.10pm, cause she was going back to her hometown :( And I managed to find a Superman shirt for her, at the very last minute before we left the building.

Haha yay! -RM15 this was.

Have to total up the amount of things I bought, I had an unusually good memory today.

And I bought:

A bag, because sometimes I need a backpack to carry extra clothes to church. -RM20

Jeans and Esther were saying I didn't take very long to decide to buy it. HAHAHA. I'm in one of those "shopping-happy" moods. So I didn't really think about it. HAHA.

Two necklaces- RM10 for the first *Love Beyond the blah blah* and RM5 for the second *Whistle necklace*.

Esther and Joy bought whistle necklaces too. HAHA. Esther-purple, Joy-pink.

Tattoo books, with fake tattoos :D One book has six pages. So yay, 24 pages of tats! -RM9.80

Green, blue and green glitter. -RM10

Tank top-RM 10

The vest I wanted! :D -RM30 after discount.

hairspray thing that has color in it? HAHA .

Bought red for myself. Because I like auburn ;).

Purple red, sharing it with Esther, Jeans and Joy! :D

The instructions at the back, omg. O_o.

Hair-color sprays -RM10 for one, so..
RM12.50 for two, since we split the cost on the second one.

Something to do with security happened. Idk what, but it was pretty funny. Jeans was talking about maybe someone shooting people or stealing stuff. HAHAHA

Some things I made: All image charms, so no biggie. I was lazy, throttle me.
And I lack clay :( To make nicer stuff.

Self-centered me XD HAHA. It's not like I can put the name of my cat, right? Actually I could

Music sheet! :D

I severely need to take rein of my addiction to shopping :( 
But SO many things are happening and I don't even blink an eyelid when it happens.

Hmm. What else? 

Oh right. I managed to convince my mum to give me at least RM150 (or RM200 hopefully) for the Melaka trip! :) She must have felt bad about me being cooped up for so long, and lacking human contact.  Or she's just overjoyed to be rid of me for 2 days. HAHA. 

So I went with my family (minus Ryan -_- lazy ass!) to the Rangers office to sort out some stuff before dinner. Then Meg, Daniel, Sarah and Auntie Lily came. Had a very noisy conversation with my Mum, Meg's Mum, Meg and myself. Mum said I'm the most expensive child. HAHA. I feel so honored :') Then our mothers were talking about how much money I should get when I go for the Melaka trip, and Meg and I said the same thing, in different sentences, " Give me RM 200!" was the baseline. HAHA. Then we high-fived. Our mothers just sighed and talked again. This time about Meg's baking class, Meg kept pulling faces, it was hilarious to watch. We teased Daniel a bit, but that was to be expected of us :P 

Then I went to eat at Burger King, came home, went back to the office with Dad to pack more stuff, then we came home again and here I am! HAHA.

I'm pretty exhausted. Walked too much and ate too little :(

Goodnight :)

P.S. Remembered dad talking about stealing rambutans off a motorcyclist's bike. HAHAHA." Oh, just swoop by and grab some!" The things your parents teaches you :)

P.P.S: Happy Birthday to my "macho" big bro, who's watching "My Little Ponies" upstairs and rebuking me for not knowing what "MLP" means :P HAHAHA. Fat ass.

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