Thursday, October 25, 2012

Sports, the way it is.

Hey there :)

Me's a happy girl now.

Yeah, so I'm still pretty sick, but I'm not home-ridden anymore. I went to Harbour Place with my Dad and brothers. And yes, Ryan was as grumpy as usual :P


We went because Dad heard about a sports equipment sale. And we Teos love sports.

Geaok, got a little excited when I saw the stuff there. Badminton rackets, tennis rackets, tennis balls, sports shoes, sports clothes, sports stuff in general. HAHA. So pretty :3 even the SOCKS were nice. Hahaha.

Everything was nice. Even if it was a little expensive. Haha. I bought a badminton racket, because I've been using the same one for years, I think 5 years? So yeah. Ian bought one too. And we bought covers for it too. Hehe. And Ian and I bought the same wallet too. I like my current wallet, but I liked the black wallet too much not to buy it. Ian bought some tennis balls, he said "I need to have some balls." I said "Yes, you do." HAHAHA. Not being dirty la. Just umm..weird. Ryan and Dad bought some stuff too.

2 and a half weeks till I leave Malaysia :) Pretty excited.

Melaka in 2 days! :D Wheee!

I know I don't exercise as much as I'm supposed to, but I'm not as out of shape as I used to be either :P HAHA.

Have you heard of the drinking bag?

I've wanted one for years, because it'll come in real handy during hiking, mountain climbing and etc :(

And it's gorgeous. Hehe.

Got a surprise when I saw that my post on the "Anniversary Dinner" has gotten almost 40 page views. What is there to read about? O_o. But don't stop reading. HAHAHA.

Till next time :)

P.S. Just changed the background :) How do ya like it?

P.P.S. And the banner :)

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