Thursday, October 4, 2012

Time flies, things happen.

Some people have to learn how to let things go. And I guess I'm one of them.

Hey there! :)

So tuition last night was alright. We got to eat junk food, jelly and have fun :) Uncle Ronald and Auntie Ree Shih came when tuition was about to finish. Everyone already went home except for me -__- Uncle Ronald actually asked me if I wanted to go to America with them in May next year. Wasn't sure if he was kidding or serious. HAHAHA. But of course I want to go :P And skip school for 3 weeks too.

Have to start saving up my money. No more shopping for me for the next month or so. -__-

So anyway, I just bought more strings for my craft.

I can't wait for PMR to be over so that I can get started on things that I'm dying to do. Feel a little scared sometimes when I think about PMR. I know it's no big deal, but I still fret about it when I'm being serious. Like now. HAHA.

Considered skipping the Rangers Anniversary to stay home and study, but SLAP.SLAP. Ridiculous thinking! Rangers anniversary means more to me than some stupid exam. I've been in Rangers for 11 years now, it's a part of me. Besides the fact I have to help out, and collect my merits. Hahaha. I want to help out at the registration counter and umm do fun things! :D Hmm. Haven't top raved for a while now.

Why a registration counter? Oh, you don't have to pay or anything, they just want to see how many people come. There's going to be a lot of free gifts (is there another word for this?) for those who attend :) Yay.

Sorry. I really tried to make this post a serious one, but I can't cause that's just not in my nature.

I have so many thoughts on my mind lately, I need to write them down (or toss them out), but it doesn't seem  to be the appropriate time to do so. Oh well, soon. then.

Support National Bullying Prevention! :) Original post here: Don't bully me.

I don't support bullying, nor do I approve of it (which is basically the same thing. HAHA) Although some people like Sam, Fifth and etc might claim I do, teasing isn't bullying :P So don't get it mixed up. Ah life.
I'll write a post about then when I can.

Have you ever heard of Jun Sung Ah on Youtube? Link is here.

He's pretty good at playing the violin.


The end :)

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