Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Wait for it....

Hey there! :) So a quick update while I have time.

Everyone's been blogging about PMR and what not and my blog has been silent since Saturday. HAHAHA. Studying la, what to do? Teehee. PMR's been okay so far, not expecting more than 2 or maybe 3 (if I'm lucky) A's, and hopefully no F's and E's. HAHA. Very low standards but I don't wanna be disappointed if I can't get 6As. I just hope to be in the same class with my friends next year, that's all I'm expecting.

BM was alright, I translated everything to English in my mind, and the words just flew out without so much as a thought. If you see my question paper, it's COVERED with scribbles and horrible handwriting. Haha. No idea how I did in paper 1. Praying for at least a B. Paper 2 might be alright? Or very very bad.

What else? Right! English, my one and only true love. I didn't much for that, I just read the synopsis for "How I Met Myself" because I have trouble remembering the names of the streets. Hmm..Section A, I wrote 311 words. Any more words and the people who mark my paper will want to strangle me. Sides, less words, less mistakes. The speech was about "Qualities Of A Good Student." I don't know much about that HAHAHA. But I used my imagination.Section B(I) was pretty easy. Section B (II) about the novel's main theme was alright. I wrote 300 words though. I have no control over my hand. But that isn't really much! I think. Section C, scribble scribble, cross out words, blah blah, and voila! 54 words. I TRIED not to go over 60 words, and success! :D

Geography should be a B as well. HAHA. Although surprisingly, the paper wasn't as hard as I expected it to be. Thank you online revision tips. Haha.

And guess what? My aunt's fellow teacher from Kwang Hua is in charge of my class. I didn't realized until this afternoon. HAHAHA.

I'm so freaking excited! I FINALLY HAVE THE MARK OF ATHENA!
I love you, Rick Riordan. I really do.
Gonna collect all his books, already have most of them anyways :)

Bro has "The Hobbit" a LOTR prequel. will read SOON.

Have you read "The Hatchet" by Gary Paulsen? It's pretty interesting, if not a little thrillingly absorbing.

Science and History tomorrow. going to study History "a bit" and Science, as much as I can.

Just anxiously waiting for the day of freedom, when I can finally be released from this exam.

Oh, Auntie Amy suggested I teach languages when I grow up. That's a pretty interesting thought.

Not going to blog about the Anniversary, partly because it's been so long since it happened and also because I forgot most of what happened.

I DO remember someone giving me a very late birthday present though. HAHA. Not a bad choice for a guy. Thanks man XD.

Neyways, my phone is officially dead. At least the battery is. Not really bothered about it. I have an mp3 (very outdated I know, Lol) for music, books for entertainment, my bro's phone to loan for calls and messages, piano & guitar, tv and food. What else could I ask for? :)

Will just save up for a new phone. But most likely not till next year or so. I don't really need one, if you don't take into account the times I run off and disappear in supermarkets and malls..

Will be dyeing my hair naturally after PMR. because I can, so I shall.

To be who you really are, is to discover who you truly are beneath the lies and deceit on the outside. -Author Unknown.

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