Monday, November 12, 2012

Byebye Malaysia :)

Hey guys :)

Just thought I ought to say goodbye :)

Will miss all those crazy people who drives me insane, my family, my cat, my .......... you get the point :P

At any rate, I'm looking forward to leaving although I do feel slightly displeased at the thought of missing out on everything that happens while I'm gone -___-

Not so hyped up about waking up early either and FIREWORKS. Tonight. My own personal nightmare where I'm unable to sleep a wink. I don't sleep on planes, my mind goes into an overdrive and I'm too hyperactive :(

Happy Deepavali, people :D

And LOL, I forgot Ryan's not having exams this week. Silly me.

I'll see you guys in person, after Christmas! :D

Pray I won't get fat. Pray.

Love you all :)

Unless you're a weird, creepy stalker.


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