Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Counting down the days :)

Hey there!

(Please note that what I say, was not meant to offend you. I'm sorry I'm ranting but I have to let you know how I feel about it, because I'm definitely not OKAY with it. )

I didn't go somewhere I had to go today. Had to start packing my luggage :)

And also because I was pretty shocked and disappointed at what some of you guys did yesterday. I'm not lecturing you about it or anything, but what you guys did was extremely stupid, and frankly, I thought you were better than that. It might seem like a big joke to you or meaningless and shit but honestly, I never thought you'd have it in you to be so....urgh. You do realize that this could lead to a lot of problems in the future right? And ehem YOU ehem, why did you introduce people to that? Are you mental? It's one thing to do it yourself, but to introduce other people to it? Shame on you. And damn right, I'm pissed. What kind of example are you setting for other people? To some of you, good that you decided not to continue doing that. I'm proud of you for taking a stand. Gaiieekkk! This infuriates me so much. I'm sorry but that's just a very stupid habit, so good luck digging your own grave. If I could, I would SMACK that shit out of you, but I can't. You're still young and so damn immature. Try some? No thanks, I'll stick to my beloved Chinese tea and oxygen. No need for any of that nonsense. It's not justifiable to do it even if everyone else is doing it.

Sigh. But it's your life, so it's your problem not mine.

I apologize for ranting, but this kind of stupidity just irks me to no end.

I'm not going to mention who it is, because you'd know it was you if it was (what?).

Not cool bro. Not cool. 

It's your life, your decisions. Just letting you know it's a STUPID decision.

Anyway, besides the ranting, my day was fine :)

Thank God I thought of writing a list of what to pack in August. I'm 3/4's through with packing the basic stuff. Just a few diddley-doles to buy/pack on the last day.

I can't believe there's only 5 more days to go before I leave. Excited :D I want to see snow again. And icicles. And snowman(s). And carrot noses.

The only thing I'll miss when I'm away will be my cats, family, friends, piano, guitar, craft stuff, Malaysian food, hot sun (weird I know), books, bed, bathroom, air-cond (what why?), slippers, church, and did I mention food? Yeah that's all.

Anyway, I found a new website a few days ago, so it isn't exactly new, but you know. : Snapguide :)

It's really fun. And interesting. And good if you're ADHD and can't sit still and watch a video for 5 minutes.

People say there isn't much to do online besides Facebook-ing.


For the record, I only use Facebook to chat with my friends or when I'm bored. There's so many websites that I use everyday like Youtube; where there's all kinds of videos. Funny stuff, weird stuff and tutorials. Snapguide, as I've mentioned earlier is like a tutorial/fun stuff place like Youtube. Only instead of videos, it's a step to step guide. <- Everyone knows what that is XD. has all kinds of pretty inspirational pictures and photos that are awe-shum. need I say more? Fun if you like reading and writing like me. Blogger of course. If you like blogging. Coke And Popcorn to watch episodes of popular tv shows. Solarmovie to watch movies :)

That's all I can think of right now (because I'm using these websites at the moment. HAHA. So many tabs -__-) so yeah :)

Till next time :)

P.S. Some of you may think that I'm a prude for disapproving of ehem ehem but there's nothing wrong with having my morals right.

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