Monday, November 26, 2012

Distance was a friend of mine.

Hey there! :)

Life's been crazy lately. Haha. I'm sorry I didn't come online last weekend, but I was swamped with things to do.

Practicing piano for instance.

I went to the English Reformed Church yesterday. It was different, but interesting in its own way. After service, they served cakes, coffees and apple juice :3 Yum yum.

I don't drink coffee..much. HAHA. Only to dip biscuits into it :)

Oh for you food people! Here's the curry laksa I ate last week :D

So nyum :)

Oh yeah, my piano teacher Olja is also the organist for the church, so I got to see the organ :D

                Here's where the preacher hangs out. LOL. You know, rest?

The stairs are unbelievably narrow. No likey.

View from the window! :)

Saw a pwane :)

Did I mention I permed my hair?

Just kidding. I do want a curling iron though :(

Second-day curls. And it's still wonky.

My hair's still curly now :3

The wall outside the museum in Amsterdam.

We went to U.J's parents place at the old folks' home after that.

The long car ride was stuffy :(

Dinner last night! :D YUM YUM.

I didn't eat the rice though .

I eat this every Sunday :D In Malaysia la. LOL.

And fish fingers :)

And you wonder how I got fat last time? HAHA.

Well, I finally remembered to take photos of the food.



It's 9.40am now. Wonky monky.



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