Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Dreams: That's where I have to go.

Happy 300th post! :D

Hey guys! :)

I'm feeling pretty sick today. Cough and flu. Too much of the good old cold breeze? Oh well.

I watched a show this morning, called 'I Used To Be Fat' . It's really interesting to see how when you're determined enough, nothing is impossible. I'm lucky that I shed pounds without doing much, although I should start 'living healthily'. Better late, than never. And guess what? I can cycle to the Center now! :D Borrowing A.C.'s bike. I adore cycling :3

It's dark now, It always gets dark around 5pm. Someone asked me if I'm tired of coming to Amsterdam every year. Well I'm not :P In contrary to what some people prefer, I rather see the same old faces in the same old places, than to go to places where I know no one and no one knows me. Different places are nice too. I want to go to Australia and Germany someday :)

I'm not lazying around all day (all night and half the morning yes), I'm studying world history, about the wars and how people survived back then. I read about Anne Frank too :D The last time I came, I studied about Hitler and Mozart. Lol. Mostly because U.J. is a philosophical person, so I borrow his books about well, philosophy. Oh, and exercising. I walk a lot. I took two walks today, in the park and near some big, pretty houses when Charlene was having her violin lessons. It's so cold. Ought I be glad about it or shamelessly miss the sun?

I gave up on Ruth Rendell's books that I borrowed from the bibliotheek. It's fascinating, yes, but it's kinda like reading into the mind of a sadistic person (the character, not the author, Lol) and that freaks me out a little. HAHA. To imagine that I wanted to be a criminologist and I still do.

I'm pale now. Like a vampire . 

Photos from the forest! :)

Tale Of  The Fallen Trees.

These crazy old birds chased me when I took this photo. HAHA.

I took more photos today, but I'm too tired to post them up now :P


Planning to Skype with them crazy people soon! :D YAY.
I miss them so much.


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