Monday, November 19, 2012

For The Love Of Books.

I resolve to take photos of my food before wolfing it down (like I always do). Love, Maine.

Hey guys! :)

Sorry I haven't been blogging for a while.

I've been busy lately.
(And yeah, I took this photo :P) 

So I went to the library last Saturday. The real library, mind you. Ehem. It was amazing. The moment I walked in, there was a part of me that thought books were far better than phones and laptops (sorry dear lovely laptop, I still love you though. Really.) Ah hell, I always think that way :) My aunts say that I'm from an OLD generation, that loves books instead of computer games. Blimey, I DO love computer games. Just not as much as wonderful wonderful books :3

We didn't go straight to the library though. There was a Sinta Klaas (and Zwarte Piet) festival. So we stopped by to see what was going on :P

I didn't take any photos with them because by the time the photos were taken, I was in the library :D

The art gallery in the library.

I would have gone if I wasn't busy, being lazy. :P

ROWS and rows of books :3 

I'm in love <3

Did I mention we can use the computers for about 1/2 an hour ? :)

I borrowed eight books. And yeah, we get receipts :D

6 crime fiction books, 1 romance and 1 about World War 2 in Holland.

Hey, I read general knowledge too, okay -____-

Charlene and the Beats :)

And yeah, that's pretty much how my Saturday went.

Last Sunday, we didn't go to church. We went to the Forest to walk around.
It wasn't really cold. Maybe 9 degrees celcius? 
Thank God.

Here's some photos I took last Friday (night) 


I'll post the photos from the forest later.

I've so much work to do -____- Urgghh.

Editing photos, saving them here and there and such. It seems easy right? Not true, keep in mind I'm not using a mouse, but  (guinea pig) my poor frozen fingers.

I finished reading 4 books from the library :D 

4 more to go. 

I'm sorry I don't blog much, but I can't blog with someone looking over my shoulder -___-
It's very uncomfortable.

I have a video of the leaves falling from the trees, but I've no idea if it's any good. Haha.

We shall see :)

Ryan, Ian, do not forget my 'World's Best Annoying Sister' trophy or I shall delightfully forget to bring the laptop back to Malaysia :)


Suddenly felt the urge to play Facebook games -___- NO. I wish I had Counterstrike back. Old game, but still amazing.

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