Friday, November 16, 2012

Forever Alone: With Friends.

Hey guys! :)

So I'm feeling nostalgic now. I'm missing Malaysia so much. The wonderful sun I grumble about everyday, the annoying friends who make me cry with laughter, the grouchy big brother who only appears to seek food, the little brother who won't stop playing games, the parents (need I explain? lol), the cat who's always there for a hug and last but not least, my beloved wonderful home and the church I miss so much.

Charlene's reading now, with U.Jan. A.A. and A.C. yabbling away and watching the Dutch news, and here I am. In my cosy, cold room.

I went for piano lessons earlier. First thing I didn't expect: It was in the church. Not just ANY church but the English Reformed Church I went to last time. I would have taken photos of the town area if my hands weren't frozen stiff. HAHA. Second time that shocked me speechless: The church history is FASCINATING. And what's creepy is that they've dead bodies buried underneath the church building. God rest their souls. There's a ENORMOUS bible, that came from the 1700s. Amazing. Charlene had her lesson first, so I wandered around and read about the history. To be honest, it's the only type of history I've ever been thrilled to read about.

During her lesson, I was frozen stiff. And please note that I was wearing LAYERS of clothing, so you can imagine how cold it was even with the heater on. And playing the piano with frozen fingers, isn't altogether pleasant, but I endured the numbness :) Olja, the piano teacher, was really good. I had fun :) Didn't know piano lessons could end so quickly. HAHA.

We went there on the tram, and on the way back, the tram constantly made abrupt stops. It was alright for me, cause I was sitting down, but all those poor (not literally) people kept slamming into each other,because they didn't anticipate the impact. Listened to Adele (Ah-Dah-Leh for some people, ehem) and Michael Buble in the tram. DID YOU KNOW that Amsterdam or its whereabouts has a (get this) DRUG museum? MENTAL, I tell you. It wasn't called a DRUG museum, something else...umm pot? no. Weed? no. Started with 'M' I think.

And they listed all the American presidents who used cannabis, Washington, Clinton, Obama and one more. No idea if that's true, but yeah.

Battery low, gtg :)



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