Friday, November 23, 2012

Happy Thanksgiving :)

Hey guys!

So..did you know it's Thanksgiving today? :)

Happy Thanksgiving!

On a more somber note, I went to a funeral today. A friend of my aunt's, whom I've never met before.

Here's the funny thing, we (AC and me) got lost, so we tried asking a hotel doorman for directions. AC spoke to him in Dutch, and he said 'Sorry, I don't speak Chinese.' I didn't say anything but I wanted to laugh so much, it hurt. Oh, presumptions. Presumptions.

Went into the funeral home and I started sniffling from my cold. I was blowing my nose, in a pretty undignified manner and wiping my eyes when someone patted me on the back and said something to me in Dutch. I think he was trying to console me or something. Then I cried even harder because it wouldn't have been appropriate to laugh. Then I really cried because everything felt so gloomy and sad, I couldn't help myself.

Went for piano lessons in the church after that. Teacher said I've improved :3 YAY.

We stopped by an American bookstore after that. So many yummylicious books. Not a term you would use for books, but books are indeed yum-ful.

A guy was giving out free popcorn because according to him, it's Thanksgiving so people should thank him for giving. Haha, funny but really nice of him :)

Went on the tram and came back to Amstelveen. Bought groceries and here I am :)

Well, I'll be reading a story now.

Till next time.

Ohh! AC is cooking curry laksa! Malaysian food at last. How I've missed you so :)

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