Saturday, November 10, 2012

How you love me now?

Hey guys :)

Life has been good lately. No stress, but hell, lots of mess. My luggage is scattered all over the room now, and craft all over the living room. It dawned on me that Ryan can't come to the airport to see me off because of SPM -___- Oh well, good luck to Mr Smarty-Pants. I do hope he aces his exam, although I might miss annoying him and Ian for the next month and  a half. I'm a wonderfully annoying sister, I believe.

I made 12 or 15 more clay books today while watching reruns of TBBT. I love craft, it gives me peace and it's probably the only time I don't feel inclined to multi-task, besides playing piano and reading books. Haha.

I feel so out of sync with everything lately, it's as though life these days is just a dream. Blissful, happy. I love life when there's no drama and heartache. Mum cooked lunch and dinner today, as she always does when she isn't working. The best thing about home, is that it's a place where you know you'll always feel safe and loved, which is why I'll probably miss my home the most when I leave. Dad always jokes about Holland being my "second home" because I go there so much, and in some ways that is pretty true. But every morning when I wake up, the first thing I think about is Malaysia and all those lucky people who get to eat nasi lemak and car kuey teow -___-

I've been itching to write a story, but there's so much to do before I leave and so little time to do it.

I've pondered about being normal and going insane lately. I think both are good things to be. It's fun to go insane and do dumb butt things, but too much of it can literally drive you crazy. I mean mental-hospital, mumbling to yourself, hugging poles (ehem Joy ehem) and singing "Where are my jelly, belly, polka dotty beans" every day. I love insanity. But sometimes, when I go overboard, even I want to take a walking stick and knock myself over the head with it. I like being normal too, although people would say "Psshh. Being normal is boring and blah blah" But I don't think there's anything wrong with being a normal person sometimes. It's nice to have a little balance in life, as opposing being far too serious to understand jokes or being too ridiculous that you take life itself as a joke.

Anyway, best of luck to anyone having their exams now :) A little late, but I forgot about it so sorry :(

May the force be with you.

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