Saturday, November 17, 2012

I Miss You: Ik Mis Je.



Just kidding.

Hey guys! :)

I've been here for 3-4 days, and I only JUST realized that it's autumn. 

Stupid right? I mean the leaves are red/orange/yellow/green, the sky is cloudy, the cats are fat, the people are so much taller than I am (sad), and it's freaking AUTUMN. Why have I not realized that sooner?


Which means I've experienced summer (Malaysia darling), spring (6 years ago?), winter (2 years ago) and now autumn :) Winter's right around the corner.

And yes, I'm still dreadfully missing you Malaysian people and your "Lah!" "Meh?" "Where got?" "Mah. -s. Also the wonderful nasi lemak, roti canai, and etc. Gahh. FOOD. 

Walked to Charlene's school today and back. 
I MIGHT or MIGHT NOT have thrown a few teenage fits over some ridiculous arguments I had with my aunts. No offense, but we have completely different opinions on just about everything. 

It was so cold my hands got frozen again. I foresee this happening a lot in the future. Don't need no fortune teller to tell me that. I miss my guitar (though I'm not good at it, lol). Music <3

So we went to the Centre: Amstlvn too. The market was interesting, cheese, clothes, odd stuff. Charlene forced me to eat a HUGE LUMP of cheese. Okay, maybe I'm exaggerating a bit (lot). And I saw a lot of things in Claire's. What the heck am I supposed to buy for dem people now -___- I can't decide. I saw a section with Hunger Games fan stuff. So prettay. A bunch of girls were coo-ing over One Direction posters and jewelry. Why One Direction when you can have Hunger Games? Mysteries like this never cease to amaze me.

We went elsewhere too, Blokker and some shop I can't spell. Haha. 
It was fun-ish :) 

We were watching Julie & Julia. Fascinating show, but haven't seen the ending yet. It's about cooking , French, Americans and blogging. HAHA. 

We'll be going to the forest tomorrow :) And Albert something to buy groceries.


Here's some photos:

I said some , not a lot :P

I did take more, but I'm far too lazy to upload  it now.


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