Wednesday, November 28, 2012

"Just the way you is" Glozell.

Hey guys!

It's not really cold these days, or maybe I'm just used to the weather. HAHA.

Dinner last night, again for the food lovers.


Charlene's lasagna, all torn up :P

Mine, because I love rice. 

Went out with A.A. and U.J today. 

Had lunch at a restaurant :D

Apple juice.

Orange juice!

Apple and orange juice! :D

I ordered one of the club sandwiches. It was HUGE and I could barely finish it, but it was YUMMY and so good :3 

See Ryan? I'm not starving myself. :P

U.J. ordered this. I ate half an egg, very good. 

       This one's A.A.'s. HAHA. Not bad either, but had cucumbers in it. *shudders*

So much chicken. Dang :)

The view from upstairs.

A.A. and I went to Zeeman after that to look at some stuff. Then we walked home. 

A.A. just scraped up her cheek and fingers. Gory to look at or maybe it's because I'm not one who can handle the sight of broken ankles and banged-up knees . 

Emailed Dad when I was frustrated about something and he told me, I forgot exactly what he said but it was something like "Many years ago, your mother and I were suffering, trying to raise up 3 children properly." and added "And we're still suffering now." HAHA. I don't know why I find it so funny. He also said "Consider yourself lucky that you can be a brat all the time!" which I think is true, because I AM an annoying brat to my brothers, but that's because they deserve it. HAHA. He mentioned something about 'having brothers who'll smack you in the head when you're insolent' being good because it teaches me a lesson and I think that's quite true. Although I smack them back..harder. And make them cry. Ryan was crying into a pillow for days when I accidentally kicked a football into the wrong place when I was 10. Aren't I a good sister? 

Okay, kidding.

There's a difference between torture and teasing :P 

But I did, and it really was an accident. HAHA. 

Some things you never forget no matter how embarrassing it was.

Just ate sushi, photos tomorrow. 


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