Sunday, November 11, 2012

One might declare this to be pointless.

Hey guys :)

Will blog about today tomorrow. (What?) Too tired and far too busy to ramble today. One more day to go before leaving. Yay :)

Oh wait, I meet this guy, Roland (?) today. He said "Hey, I'm Roland, nice to meet you." And I said "Huh?" Smooth Maine. Smooth. -____- It was an icebreaker though :)

Here's some long overdue photos that I should have posted earlier, but didn't.

National Anniversary RR dinner :) Black specs team for win.

Cheryl's hair is so red. I'm jelly -___-

VBS stalls. 

I painted the Paprika and orange and yellow plates :D

Looks so empty, doesn't it? It'd be pretty full when I come back. 

For sale! 
Just kidding. 
Books are probably the last things I would sell. My beloved darlings.<3 
But still, wink wink. ;) 
If you want it, don't hesitate to ask. 

I should have posted the other 25 books, but they're drying at the moment and I don't have all the "real" books either. Oh well. 

Till next time, amigo.

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