Sunday, November 4, 2012

RR National Anniversary Dinner.

Hey there! :)

So I'm temporarily back to blogging. Don't fret, it's not permanent. HAHA.

This morning, I overslept. I was supposed to go to church at 10am but mehh, I didn't really have much to do anyway. Dad took me to collect my passport at the embassy (or is it?) and the benches were super cold. I saw a guy working there watching a cartoon. Haha, so cute.

Then we went to buy lunch for the boys. I didn't want much because I didn't have much appetite, so I just bought some yam cake and slices of guava from a well-known van-shop-thingy. The food was so yummy :3 I love Port Klang's food. Yum yum. HAHA. It's my Dad's hometown, so he knows the place really well. I don't have a hometown -__- sad. If I had to pick one, it would be Port Klang though. I love the authenticity of the food :)

I sms-ed Joanne and she kept saying "I love you..bleh bleh." I immediately suspected that it wasn't her. HAHA. She's crazy, but not that crazy.

Neyways, I got to church and for a while, I just watched them and ate my "lunch". When I finished eating, I helped to paint the fruit stall, spiced up the herbs (or something else-I suppose it's powdery stuff?) stall and did nonsense that you probably won't notice unless you look for it :P Some of the guys and girls went into the Standard 4 room to draw more stalls. I can't draw, but I CAN disturb. I went there for a while and weird things started to happen. Samuel went and SAT on Alvyn for some reason. idk how that happened. HAHA. Alvyn was shouting out "owwhh my intestines!" and "Ouch my bleh bleh organs!" and I almost died laughing. I 'accidentally' painted his shirt.

I kept laughing and I don't know why -__- When we were clearing up the stuff later, Samuel went to clean the paintbrushes and he told me to take half of it and clean it, so I took it then he said he was kidding. There were some people setting the place up for a wedding and he suddenly said "I don't want to walk down the red carpet with you." I was like "What the heck O__o." HAHA okay.

I helped Joy wrap up the cups which held the paint that wasn't used and she wrapped it so tightly, I pity the person who has to unwrap it. I saw the tail of the cat Cheryl drew yesterday or the day before and without thinking, I blurted out "What happened to the cat's tail?" and Cmdr Sherene started panicking. I laughed because I was a little intoxicated with Chinese tea, I had no idea why she panicked. HAHA.

Fast-forward: Finished wrapping up and keeping everything. Esther and Aijean came home with me. I took a bath, and we went to the restaurant :)

At the restaurant, I noticed a piece of paper with the food they were serving written on it in Mandarin, so I asked Priscilla to read it and explain to me what it was.

Pris: Ching zhang phang. That is blah blah blah.
Me: Ahhh okay, get it. Can read the other one?
Pris: Sing ling lang: This one is soup.
Me: Ohh, what kind?
Pris: Got tofu wan..
Me and Jeans: Ahh okay okay. *nodding heads*
Pris: But it's not tofu.
Me and Jeans: Wait what? *starts laughing* But it's soup right?
Pris: It's like fish soup.
Me and Jeans: Ohh ohh *still laughing* Ahh.
Pris: But it's NOT fish.
Me, Cheryl and Jeans: *Laughing even harder* What the......? Then what is it?
Pris: What so funny? Okay, I mean this is like shark fin soup.
Me, Cheryl and Jeans: *sides aching from laughter-I actually thought she was serious this time* Aiyah, that one la.
Pris: But it's not shark fin soup.
Me: What the heck. *laugh even harder, almost dying.* So it's SOUP la at least. Okay,have to stop laughing already.
Pris: Yeah, soup. But I don't know how to say what kind.
Me: Oh that's okay. :)

OMG Pris. I tell you, she's hilarious :) She trolls people without realizing it, now THAT'S talent.

A lot of other funny things happened. Fabian said things, Esther said things, everyone said funny stuff which I forgot..HAHA.

Turns out a lot of people have fake black specs. Wow, unexpected. HAHA.

Looking forward to church tomorrow, even though I'm on duty.

Going to Ikea after church! :D YES YES YES.

I love clay-craft-stuff. :) <3

Lovez you, bye.

P.S. Planning to do something crazy tomorrow. What's life without a pinch of insanity? :)

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