Friday, November 9, 2012

Unexpected things happen everyday.

Hey there! :)

So Joy came over yesterday to help me with the clay making, but we didn't get much done :( For starters, I woke up late and had to have a super-fast bath, throw on some clothes and run downstairs. Then of course, no ink in the printer, not enough eyepins and constantly hungry. HAHA. Problems. We ate curry mee.

We went to Burger King to tapau back. Onion rings, yum yum :3 And we were actually around the church area for a while. But only long enough to buy some eye pins. Haha. Editing the book covers took 2-3 hours. MENTAL I tell you. -___- Most of the time we were just chatting and doing nonsense. HAHA.

There was one part where Joy's phone was playing "Dark Side" by Kelly Clarkson, and we love changing the "everybody's got a dark side.." to "everybody has a backside..." And without thinking, I sang the "if I show it to you now, will it make you want to run and hide.." Ian and Joy said "EWW" in unison. It was pretty funny. Yeah, I know, me and my dirty mind. HAHA.

Joy left at 5pm. And I continued making clay books. I made 14 yesterday :D Alright, 20 more to go. Just kidding, it's probably a lot more than that. Dad went to fetch Mum and take us to Aeon to collect and buy some stuff. OH did I mention my car broke down last Tuesday? The radiator overheated, and we were stuck at the traffic light for almost 2 hours in the rain. What's up with radiators overheating around me? -___-


                         Guess what?

I fell in LOVE with some random guy who walked past me and smiled.  

.......................with Beats by Dr Dre <3. Never really understood the hype about it, till I actually tested it out on a whim. Here's how the story goes. I was walking around with Ian, looking for headphones/earphones, and decided to go to the cinema to get some food :3 FOOD. I love you, food. And noticed the beats in some really blue shop. Went inside to check the price and I was surprised that it was only RM29 (Nothing wrong with being thrifty :P) and me was intrigued by the description at the side. Found Dad and dragged him to the shop, then the guy said we could test it out, so we did. He plugged it into his iPhone, I put it on and got an eargasm. Bloody hell, that was GOOD STUFF. So of course, I bought one. Ian bought one too. Sometimes, I wish my Mum wasn't a shopaholic. She sees something and goes insane over it. Another thing is she passed this umm...umm...insanity to me. Haha. But the good thing is sometimes, I get stuff too. HAHA.

Yeah so I came home, cooked something to eat and went to sleep. I don't much like crowds, which is why I'm not a fan of going to concerts, sales and crowded places where everyone rubs up against each other. *shudders*

The end.

Till next time.

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