Thursday, November 15, 2012

Welcome to Amsterdam :)

Hey there! :)

Life without Internet has been pretty fun.

Sorry I haven't been blogging for a while. Didn't have Internet connection. I'm wearing a tank top, long-sleeved shirt and a jacket and I'm still cold. Just my luck getting the coldest room in the house. Not that I'm complaining, the blankets are comfy :3 The workman's in the attic,whistling away and hammering.

Last Tuesday, left home around 6.15am, reached the airport, checked in our luggage and ate hash browns in McDs. Hugged everyone goodbye (except for one lazy-ass brother who decided not to wake up -_- No cheese for you, did you know I can hack your Facebook account? :) Wonderful sister I am) Lined up at the passport-something queue. The scanner was defective so it took a blimey long time to get inside. Once we got inside, they went through the whole checking bags and stuff routine and we went to the waiting area to wait to board the plane. By "we" I mean, me and A.Aileen.

Boarded the plane :)

I saw a poodle shaped cloud, but it was too far away to take a photo of it :(

Isn't the shape of the river fascinating? Me likes.

Amazing :)

I didn't have much to do, so I studied the clouds while it wasn't so bright yet.

I saw a lot of pretty clouds. 

It's so much like cotton it's unbelievable.

Two different types of clouds :) I would tell you the names but I forgot what the names are. Cumulus? and something...

We hit turbulence a while after taking off. It was strangely exciting. Like going over a huge bump on the road when you're cycling or like spiraling up and down a roller coaster.

Photos of the food as I promised :) 

They had spaghetti last time. I don't know if you know this, but spaghetti is always my first choice when it comes to categorizing my favorite food :)

Listened to music, watched (tried to) a movie, The Lucky One based on Nicholas Sparks book. Yes, with the ever so dashing Zac Efron.

Cotton candy :3
Read a book too. You know the feeling you get when you read an emotional part of the story and your eyes get all watery and you start sniffling? Well, I felt rather ridiculous sniffling when everyone else was snoozing.

Hazy view of Amsterdam from the sky :D Sorry, but it's been hazy here lately.

I was pretty bored, so I took a few short naps :P


We were among the first to leave the plane so we collected our luggage pretty quick.

I saw Heineken cafe :D They have excellent food and hot chocolate. 

See how busy it is?

 U.Jan and Charlene came. He has a new car, a Volvo. Pretty cosy and it runs real smooth. Only there wasn't much space to put the luggage so we had to squeeze in the back.

We came home, hugged A.Chris and took off our shoes to rest. U.Jan went out, running, I suppose. Charlene had violin lessons so A.A and A.C. took her there and lepak-ed somewhere too. I stayed home and cooked rice    played the piano. I don't usually watch tv much but I didn't have anything to do after they came home so I watched iCarly and something..Drake and Josh? Charlene's a Nickolodeon addict. HAHA. Had dinner, pizza and rice :)

Weird combo right?

Pizza was tuna and..vegetable? 2 different types. Rice was rice with vegetables and fish. I have no idea why we had to have double dinners, if you're wondering. Chatted with Charlene a bit afterwards. I took a bath before I went to bed. And yeah, I slept early :P

Yesterday, Wednesday :)

Woke up early, 9am. I don't know why but I didn't have jet lag. Hmm. Played the piano (see how much I've been practicing :P?) Ate bread, yum yum.

The reason why I walk sideways when I walk down stairs. It's a habit, sorry.

Spiral staircases are narrow and the chances of tripping are higher, especially if you're wearing bulky boots. 

As aforesaid, upstairs is still under renovation :)

Charlene has posters all over the room.

So that morning, I had breakfast and got forced to take a second one: Pancakes with Nutella. 
I wouldn't have minded if: 
One: I wasn't already full.
Two: Force-feeding is pretty drastic isn't it?
Three: I like making pancakes but I'm not fond of eating them.

View from the balcony and attic. 

The two guinea pigs :) 

The slippers we have to wear here. The black ones are mine. HAHA. They're really slippery, as the name suggests.

We walked to the Center as they call it, yesterday. Charlene stayed home with Shani, her best friend.

Everything was so beautiful :D 

The first cat I encountered. All the cats were so FAT and friendly :O


Meet cat Number 2, very friendly, fluffy and fat :) 

It followed me for a while, till it got bored.

Technically it's still Autumn here. Everything's orange, red, yellow or green. 

With the exception of some bald trees :P

Workmen mending pipes or something.

The Center: Amstlvn. 

We went to buy new boots for A.A. cause hers didn't fit.

There was a shop there, Obey Your Body. All their products are made from minerals from the Dead Sea, Israel. And the products are fantastic, baby. HAHA. By fantastic, I mean you can actually see the change in your skin, nails, face. A..A. tried the nail buffer and her nails got all shiny and pretty. The salesgirl was really good at bargaining, buy this get this free and so forth. A.C. bought 2 nail sets originally.  Then the skin peeler, it sounds gross but it just strips away all the dead skin cells. They tested it as well, A.C. and A.A. So interesting to see all the dead skin cells in the basin. 

And wonder of wonders. Because A.C. spent over 70 euros (I know, slack-jaws cue) we were entitled to test out a mud facial something and skin something else for free. It was fun. A.A. decided not to try it for some reason. So it was just me and A.C. And she ended up buying the 3-1 skin care products too. 

She must have spent over 240 euros on everything in total O__o. 

The salesman drove a pretty hard bargain too. 

Free this, free that and everything was almost 50% cheaper. 

That kind of discount doesn't happen in Malaysia, as sad as I am to say. 

We ate at Hema :)

Fries and Lemon&Lime juice.


Not much photos, just about 180, I think.

Don't worry, I'll take more soon :)

Woke up in the morning feeling like P.Diddy   and ate breakfast: Hot chocolate and 3 slices of bread.
Don't worry, I'm monitoring the food I eat. Don't want to get fat again. The weight's damn hard to get rid of.

I'm exercising, walking and such :) 

Walking here is fun, no sweat (yes, literally) and cold breeze. Only problem is my hands are ice, most of the time.

Will be going to the forest soon, to walk around, hopefully on Friday. Hehe.

I have piano lessons later. Taking the tram :D I'm pretty nervous about it. Sigh. The lessons, not the tram. Lol. 

I just realized we don't have lunch here. No one to cook..? 

Haha, my lunch would be biscuits and mint chocolate. Not that I'm complaining , it's still nyum-worthy.

I hope Joy and Esther are having fun in JTC :) 

Till next tine.

P.S. GOOD LUCK to Darren Ong in JTC too! Sorry, I keep forgetting you went for it as well. :P

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