Thursday, November 15, 2012

What if our parents read our blogs? :O

If you ask me how I'm doing, I'd say I'm doing fine-Gavin Degraw (Not Over You)

Just been thinking about it. You know?

I mean, what would happen if my parents read my blog?

First thing they would say would be: 'Wah,, so much free time ah? Do more housework.'

Ohh hell no.

Could you imagine what would happen if they read about Voldermort?

Mother would say : Why have you chosen a guy without a nose? How would my future grand kids smell huh?   I shall not permit my only daughter to marry some noseless smock!

Then I'd say: But Mother! Guys without noses are attractive and they don't smell!

Mother: Such nonsense! That Muggle, Robert Mackintosh, has a very fine nose and he smells!

Me: B-but Mother! Voldy's an excellent wizard and he has a wonderful set of skills!

Mother: Voldermort is vile! Never shall I ---

Me: MOTHER. You shan't say the name of He-Who-Doesn't-Smell (Bad)

Mother: I'm at perfect liberty to say as I please..---

ADAVA KEDAVRA! And whoosh! She's gone -____-

Father would probably say: In my day, Girls preferred guys with noses.

HAHA. Just kidding.

I hope they'll never figure out who Voldy is though. that would be awkward.

Oh and for my guy-crazy friends out there who are wondering, yes, there's a lot of handsome guys here. Wonderful hair, I may add. But still, I still like Asian guys :P Sorry. Hehe.

I can't begin to fathom how much I miss my family and friends.

I cried yesterday, not because I'm grieved about not being in my real home, but because there's this feeling in my heart that won't go away. It's like a load that can't be lifted and damn, it hurts.

So many girls, spend their days hoping to find love and such, but what they don't realize is love will come eventually. You don't have to look for love, love will find you. Sometimes, you're so desperate to find love, you don't realize that love is all around you. Just saying.

Sometimes I feel lonely and bleugh, that annoying phase in life where I feel like 'No one understands me'. Which is probably not true, but sure as hell feels like it. I don't show it, but sometimes I feel so much anger, I want to burst or take it out on someone. Still learning how to manage that anger.

The beauty of nature takes the pain away.


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